Summer Getaway 2016: Ferra Hotel Boracay

Another downtime. Server’s down and I have not been granted access to files in our repositories so here I am stuck doing nothing. Everyone is gone for our company summer outing but I have to stay because I couldn’t leave my son overnight. Since I have all this time and no one’s going to help me because I’m alone right now please allow me to share about our family outing last week in Boracay. 🙂 It was so memorable because this is the first time little E will experience the sea and sand. Seeing him be amazed by all the new things he discovers makes me also appreciate and see  things in a new light. It is also like looking at things for the firs time myself.

This will not be the first time we are traveling with little E and so I thought I’d be already prepared but no there are still a lot we forget but at least we’ve improved. We booked our plane ticket last year on a promo so we had a lot of time to at least save up and to look for places and activities to do when traveling with a toddler. I wanted to book a hotel that is clean because we have a toddler and then I read about this new place near Bulabog beach. The reviews were good and they were awarded traveler’s choice for 2015. The pictures from travelers are usually the ones I really look at and sure enough the place is amazing. I wanted to book their loft room but it was beyond our price range so we just booked their deluxe queen room. The room already included free buffet breakfast. One thing also that most of the reviewers rave about is their food. The price is just right and all the food we ordered there is indeed delicious. You’ll love that at dinner you get to eat on their bar at the roof top. Wonderful ambiance. You’ll also love their staff. Super friendly and very accommodating. The whole time we were there we feel really welcomed.

So below are the pictures we had on Ferra Hotel.

Our room for 3 days and 2 nights. 🙂 Love their sheets! The room is very clean and love the furniture.

The  hotel also has this lap pool located outside their dining area. Euan enjoyed swimming here. The only problem is he never wants to eat his breakfast because he just wants to take a swim.

Our most favorite part of our stay in Ferra Hotel is their food! every food that we ordered were all very good even the food they serve for breakfast. We were not able to include big E’s favorite their tinolang manok and sinuglaw. A must try.


Overall I’d definitely go back to Ferra Hotel and I highly recommend it to travelers with kids. 🙂 This post is quite long. So more of our summer vacation next time I get a chance to blog.



Hello everyone. I’m just going to update you a little about what happened from where I’ve left off and then about my breastfeeding journey. I have just moved to another team which really made it even more hard for me to have time to update this blog good thing that we are having a blocker issue right now so we are stuck and might as well give this blog a quick update. So we also had our second inspection two weeks ago and most of the major problems are already resolved. There are still minor problems like tile and wall cracks that we demanded to be addressed. So we are now waiting for our probably last inspection and then unit acceptance but moving won’t happen very soon because we still need to do home improvement to do. I’m not sure if our current savings would be able to cover everything but definitely it will take another time. We also have a plan on buying a car but we never  expected we’d consider this any time soon after our house acceptance but visiting our house was difficult especially because there’s no established transport system yet  around our village. I don’t know how we will manage if traveling would eat most of our time. I wanted for us to be able to really spend a lot of time with little E. I’ve always been guilty about leaving little E for work. I hope we will be able to accomplish home improvement, moving and then buying a car before this year ends. Seems a lot and huge project.

With all this planning and sacrifices and being a mom I’m just always exhausted. It’s harder not to have relatives you can ask for help in looking after the baby. Though we have a nanny we are very hands on in taking care of little E. I always hurry in going home so I could still play with little E in our village park. Feed him myself. Give him bath. Read him stories and put him to sleep. I still want to do all that for him and if I miss one task because I have to extend work hours I’d be really guilty. On weekends we also make sure our nanny gets her day off so that she could have enough rest because looking after a hyper toddler the whole day is no easy task. You see I don’t rest much on weekends either. Little E still breastfeed at night so most of the time I’d still wake up 3-4 times. He’s still not weaning. Despite being tired and everything I still make sure to give myself time to read. So at night right after little E sleeps I read at least 5 pages but sometimes I’m too exhausted I’d fall asleep with little E. I long for a 8 hours uninterrupted sleep. Just that. But I know that’s not going to happen any time soon yet. I always tell myself that this too shall pass and every sacrifice is worth it. Anything for my little E. So even though at many instances I’d be in auto pilot mode and I feel like a zombie and just mess up a lot by being so forgetful I just laugh it out. It will make a good story for little E when he grows up.

Little E is now super hyper. He likes to run a lot when he’s at the mall. He likes to feed himself. He can say CA for cars, bye, and di for no. He sits on our sofa by himself when he wishes to watch his favorite kiddie show. He loves baths. He knows how to throw tantrums now when he don’t get what he wants. He is even more clingy which makes it even harder to leave for work when he wakes up before I could walk out the door. He loves looking at his own reflection. He cries when he sees his pedia. He can is very shy. I try to remember more but I just received an email of a new task and now I’m blank. Leaving now hope I can really update more. Wish us luck on our projects. Till next post!


Big Changes

Hello everyone, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had an update. I’ve been busy with work. Transitioning from Software developer to Software tester had not been as easy as I have imagined it to be. I really thought that becoming a tester would be a lot easier but have i under estimated this job. I just finished a project last week and I’m taking a little break to update you with a lot of things that have happened from where I have left off. I don’t know when will I be able to have a chance to blog again. So first is to update you about our house! 😀 we’ve finally had our first inspection. I didn’t post much about our house because there are a lot of negative feed backs about the developer and I’m not ready to read if anyone would comment about their bad experiences here because I really am holding on to that thought that things change and things improve. I remain hopeful to this day. Seeing our house for the first time made me forget about all the sacrifices we had to make for the last months because finally it no longer feels like a dream. We had minor repairs and one major concern on one of our wall because it has this crack that seemed to go through all the way to the other side because you could see water marks coming out from the crack to what appears to be coming from heavy rain. I try not to think about it much because I would like to give the developer a chance to fix it. I really try not to worry about it until I see any results and not let myself be affected about the other comments I’ve read before.  I believe that staying positive and calm is the best way to handle this issue and not resort to becoming angry and violent. So I just breath in and breath out and think happy thoughts.


Our next inspection will be on April. Hopefully they’d be able to fix the problems that we’ve pointed out. We are really very excited for our next visit.

On to my next update is about really trying to be responsible with our finances. Although I don’t get much sleep ever since I gave birth there are things that keeps me awake no matter how exhausted I am. The thought of death terrifies me and leaving little E and big E without savings has a coffee effect on me. Never before had I considered life insurance  because I didn’t think I’d have any need for it. But I have been thinking a lot about little E’s future. Death is unpredictable but we could prepare for it so we don’t leave our loved ones without nothing. I have witnessed this happening to a lot of my relatives. Sudden illnesses have drained their savings leaving them broke and  in debt too. I’ve witness family fighting against one another because of money. I don’t want that to happen to my family someday and so I’m doing everything to prevent it. I’m going to admit saving up had been such a challenge for me and big E. As much as I wanted to enforce budget on our savings account it is really hard to do especially because Big E and I don’t have the discipline to say no to buying stuff or going out.So I made the decision to buy life insurance for myself in Pru Life. I am also planning to buy for Big E as soon as we will have more extra cash. I also opened a kiddie savers for Little E. The cash he got from his baptism, his birthday and Christmas is saved in his savings account and I’m planning on depositing regularly. I know I should have done this while we were younger but I didn’t know any better then. I always thought I’d be healthy and working but when I little E came my way of thinking have changed. Little E really has force us to become wiser. Even though I am usually just content with being ordinary and below average I am now planning to really work hard to step it up especially at work because I’m being left behind and I don’t want to not be able to give little E a chance to a wonderful life. And so I really want to come out of my shell this time for real. Becoming a parent really puts the pressure on you because you now have a life relying on you and you have to make the right decisions. So yes there will be a lot of changes and I do hope we won’t fail our little E.  Till next time.

Is It too Late to say Happy New Year?

I really wanted to post about how we celebrated our Christmas and New Year and then what I aim to happen for 2016 but vacation as what I used to believe as having more extra time to do the things you wanted to do and to relax no longer holds that meaning, for vacation when you become a parent means you make up for the time you were not with your family because of work. And so it was really a busy and very challenging Christmas vacation for me at least. Not that I don’t love going home and having to spend the holiday with my parents but traveling with a toddler is surprisingly hard work! I thought it would be easy but I guess we were never really prepared. Little E got sick not really sure where he got it from but when we returned to manila the doctor said little E got a cold virus. He was extra clingy the whole week we were at home that I couldn’t be anywhere or do anything to help around. I also think that we could have planned and organized this trip well but instead big E and I couldn’t agree on the luggage to use and what to bring and not. It wasn’t until 3 days before our trip did we finally started to pack. What we don’t need we packed and what was useful was left. It was a disaster. We were never really used to traveling with a lot of baggage. A back pack for each Big E and I and were ok. But when you are traveling with a child it feels like you have to pack the whole house just so your little one gets what he needs or else he’d be bored. Little E’s first airplane and fast craft ride he was asleep the whole time but on our way back to Manila because he already was sick he was being difficult. Now I finally get why traveling is not advised when you have little kids. I was so excited to finally have my parents meet their first grandson though. I couldn’t be happier for them. My heart ached when we finally had to leave them because I did feel how much they longed for a grandson. Both of them were just so happy to finally see little E. So all the trouble we have to go through is worth it because it has actually been such a long time the last time I ever saw my parents that happy. But I will definitely research more and prepare for the next time we will be travelling.  Anyway below are pictures from our vacation.

Before we got to Ormoc we first had to meet with our close friends in Cebu. We went to this beautiful place in Punta Engaño Lapu-lapu , where we had our mini reunion. We rented a place in Amisa Condominium and it was very cheap for such a place. It was short stay but everyone had fun. Little E had his first swimming experience in actual pool. Boy was he very happy. Splashing and giggling that it was contagious. Also I’d like to mention this cool bookstore in Jmall Cebu. They have this egg shaped chairs and books you can read. It is such a great place for book lovers.


I wish we could have stayed longer in Ormoc. I’m pretty sure my parents would have love to spend more time with little E. It was heart breaking to leave them and I could tell that they were sad we had to go home. I would have love for them to see little E grow up and to know him and I would love for little E to know his grandparents as well. Thinking about this makes me sad and I’m actually about to cry now. Soooooo… have to cut this short before a tear drops and someone sees me and think that I’m crazy. Oooopsss too late better run and hide. Sorry have to go.


Happy First Birthday Little E

I never thought that this day would come without me ever noticing the time that has passed. Cannot believe that it has already been a year. A year of so many first for big E, little E and I. I know that it had not been easy but the love and joy little E brings to our family outweighs the hard stuff. 1 year of being a mom and I learned so many things more than I have ever learned in any moments of life combined. I have become a different person. I’ve become more appreciative, more patient, more resourceful, more brave, more adventurous and more courageous. 1 year! 1 amazing year.

We had two celebration the first 1 was just us 3 and the next was a party with all out close friends and relatives. The first celebration we dined at Sambokojin. What’s not to love about all you can eat food? I feel like my stomach have stretched that I looked like I’m 5 months pregnant.Anyway we gave little E fruits and some fish and then yogurt. I wished that they did have high chair for kids.
The second celebration was at Shakey’s El Pueblo. I was really impressed at how well they’ve executed their birthday event package. The host was really accommodating since day 1. At the event the kids really enjoyed the games and then the give aways. The food as expected it great. Love love love everything in Shakeys. And when the party was done the crew assissted us with the cleaning up. They were kind enough to help us in distrubiting all the giveaways to our guests and then helping us with packing little E’s gift. I have nothing but wonderful comments for Shakeys.



DIY Keychains!


Cupcakes from Ikos Bakeshop


Despite the bad reviews I still pushed through in purchasing the cake because Shakeys won’t allow any other cake vendor. I think a birthday party isn’t complete without a cake. Because I don’t have much other cakes to compare this cake I find it to be good. Not too sweet and moist. 


Shakey’s Table setup




Fell asleep waiting for his guests.


just woke up


Our handsome celebrant


CoCo Ichibanya

Because the server is down and I cannot just sit idly here I decided to share our experience with this restaurant that’s been talked a lot at work by my colleagues. I’m not a big fan of Japanese food but my husband is. Although he has already dined here I really wanted to experience Japanese curry that everyone has been raving. I love curry and so when I heard about this restaurant I immediately wanted to try it. We’ve long been planning to celebrate one of our monthsaries here but had been postponed a lot of times already. So finally one fine day in November big E had those impulsive decision to take us out. I wouldn’t wanna miss this opportunity so even though it was a weekday and it would be risky to travel with little E that we could get stuck in heavy traffic I still pushed through. The location is within the building where big E works at Estancia Mall. The mall is not crowded at that time. The park is already dressed for Christmas and so little E enjoyed the lights.

So back to CoCo Ichibanya, I love that they provide high chairs and baby utensils for their customers with children. It definitely made little E feel welcomed. Little E was really happy and smiled a lot. I ordered the shrimp gratin because I love shrimp and big E ordered their seafood curry. I was not disappointed with my order although I wish they added more shrimp. I love the melted cheese! Big E didn’t quite like his though. I had to finish his plate. I felt that the squid was a sliced too thinly that I couldn’t taste the squid but I love the curry! Little E had an egg salad because that’s the only food he can eat in the menu. He didn’t ate much because he wanted to eat what we were eating and then he got really annoyed that we wouldn’t give him.

Overall I would definitely want to come back and try their other curry dishes and hopefully little E would already be big enough to try their dishes.

What’s Your Alibi?

Goodness I’ve been away for quite sometime now. 😦 I really couldn’t keep my promises could I? I have been really busy with little E’s birthday party preparation and then we also have to move to another building at work. I’d been assigned with a lot of tasks too and needed to finish it before the holiday comes. Oh wow I’ve so much to post. About little E’s birthday party and everything that’s happened last month. My phone’s running out of space from all the pictures I’ve taken. So for now I’d leave you with this only picture I was able to take on little E’s birthday party. Hopefully before I leave for my 2 weeks vacation I could post about it here. 😀


Happy birthday to our little E! You are such a joy to our small family. I have so many wishes for you. How much papa and I loves you so much baby. It is just so great to watch you turn into this adorable little person. I could remember the first time I ever held you, you were so tiny. Love you so much!

Trick or Treat 2015

Hello! I’ve again been ignoring this blog for a while. The only time I am able to be in the internet with my pc I mostly use it to research on party venues and ideas for little E’s upcoming birthday. It has not been easy for we only have small budget because we are saving up for our house and then vacation to Ormoc. Finding a venue to fit our budget is really a challenge and has  been the source of my stress this past few weeks. We’ve already reserved some venues but has not yet agreed on which one to book. I’m going to take a break from the party planning and share about Euan’s first trick or treat. I grew up in a province so trick or treat for me is something I never really experienced myself. I watched movies about it and wished that I could someday be in one but my chance never came. So when we had a trick or treat in our company last year and I was still pregnant then it was the very first time I ever experience what it is like to be in an event like that and ever since I have been imagining for our little E would experience it. I have never put any much thought on buying costume because I really was set in DYIng and there are so many ideas on the internet. Also I didn’t want to spend on something that will only be used once. Since Euan already have a striped shirt that would pass as a pirate costume I decided to use it and then just buy a hat and just maybe draw mustache on little E then big E made this sword out of cardboard. And since we have two trick or treat to attend to from my company and from big E we still need another costume. We are lucky that someone lent us an old batman costume. And then we were all set for the event.

Below are from my company’s trick or treat. Euan enjoyed being with the kids and we could see from his excitement how much he wanted to join them but he still couldn’t walk. He was giggling and smiling and was just too happy. He loves balloons we realized but is terrified of the magician.


Euan getting ready for the trick or treat.



Counting my treasures.


Saying hi to a new friend.


Sorry Euan you just need to stay here with mama and papa because you are yet to learn to walk.


with mama and papa

cute_lovefight_scene istheremore lambingpapaseriouspirate_euanninongs

The next day Big E had their trick or treat and Euan on his batman costume even more had fun because the whole office of verifone had been prepared for the event. There were so many balloons and each department really did put an effort on putting up decors even adults enjoyed. Again Euan tried to play with the kids but he couldn’t still walk. One time we were watching a movie and he sat beside this kid and he tried to reach him and play with him. He so love the balloons around him the colorful decors and the kids in costume.

20151029_205449 20151029_171033 20151029_170628 20151029_150916 20151029_151102 20151029_150439 20151029_150316 20151029_150116 20151029_144825 20151029_135819 20151029_143634 20151029_123737 20151029_120808 20151029_115131 20151029_115105 20151029_104740 20151029_104641

Seeing Euan so happy and being amazed at the things he see is such a delight to experience. I feel like I am also experiencing so many things for the first time. Now I get what’s with all the excitement trick or treat brings for the whole family and even though in my childhood I never get to experience it at least with little E i feel like I’ve already lived another childhood dream. This will definitely become a tradition for us.

Wrong Ramen

My favorite part of the weekend, especially if we have extra budget, is we can go out just the 3 of us. I miss hanging out with my husband just us two but with little E (LE) still small every time I would be away from him I’d be completely distracted with these feelings of guilt. It’s just not easy for me to be separated from my little E.

Bringing along LE with us when we go out is extra challenge. For reasons because we don’t have a car so we have to commute. Most of the time if we get stuck in traffic LE would get really bored and starts to get fuzzy and be pulling out whatever he gets his hands to. Sometimes if we commute in a van LE would start reaching for people’s belonging. The worst thing that could happen is when he gets hungry when he would start to cry and every ones eyes would be on us. Breastfeeding in a moving vehicle is not easy especially if you are sharing it with more passenger. If we have enough money we do get a cab or Uber. It’s the most convenient way to go to places here in Manila but with a price.

So one weekend while we were visiting BE’s sister at St. Lukes we decided to have a special lunch. We usually have lunch on KFC or McDo. We finally decided to try something new. There were plenty of choices in BGC. BE is a big fan of ramen so Wrong Ramen appealed to me because I know he would love it. The place is small with I think 20 sitting capacity. It has a Japanese feel around it with all of the details which was a plus to our experience. There weren’t any people there yet so we chose an area with no one to disturb just encase LE decides to play. We chose their 2nd floor then we check the menu. To my surprise there weren’t much choices. If I remember correctly there were just 6 ramens to choose from and the appetizer that I wanted to try was not available so we just ordered Ramen. I chose FU ramen because of the bacon and BE being a seafood lover ordered sea men ramen. I’m no good in describing food because to me GREAT, IT’s OK, and YUCK are the only words in my food dictionary. I thought I’d really find my choice something that I would wanna eat again but to my dismay I just find it ordinary. I was expecting a lot because of the bacon because it is my favorite breakfast food in the whole wide world but I realize it is not as good when it is in a ramen. BE however did the right choice. I tried it and would really want to trade with him. I could taste all the seafood flavor in there. I didn’t get to eat my ramen while it was still hot because LE was just so fuzzy he wants to play. So i first let BE finish and then I finished mine. Despite our current arrangement in eating I do enjoy it. I love eating while I look at BE and LE playing.


He loved playing with the chopstick but have to cut his short fun because I was scared he might poke his eyes with it.


While waiting for our ramen BE gets to play and have unli kiss.


Our order is here but where is LE’s?


Sea Men Ramen


FU Ramen


Obligatory family pic.


Baby Wearing

I just got another notification that my views have spiked up and so it reminded me to post about my baby wearing experience. I’ve haven’t had the time to do so because of a very busy schedule. So wow I really find it encouraging that I have readers. Do I really have readers or is it just E who keeps visiting my blog. 😀 Anyway thank you.

So baby wearing was one of the top priority we also considered before giving birth but the reason was for me is strollers are expensive and are easy not to bring around when traveling. We don’t have a car so it would be impractical to invest on strollers. Doing a lot of research we found out that there are a lot of benefits from baby wearing and it was already enough to convince us to definitely do it.

There  a lot of carriers to choose from but make sure that they are safe for your baby and so I would really suggest that you do a lot of reading, join a group that advocates on baby wearing and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Since we are really on a tight budget we couldn’t really splurge on a carrier but it is a good thing that there are local brands that are highly recommended and very affordable. Our first carrier was a baby pouch from indigo baby. We bought it at a sale during a mommy mundo baby expo at the price of 600 pesos. We started using it when little E was almost 2 months. Well actually it was more of big E using it because I was so scared to hurt little E. Little E loves sleeping there. It’s big E and little E’s favorite bonding time. I don’t use it much except for this one time when little E wouldn’t go to sleep and would just cry non stop that I tried the pouch and immediately he fell asleep. I started to be getting more comfortable with the pouch when little E was already 6 months old. I could carry him with his legs out from the pouch. The only problem I find in carrying him like that is i can’t put him to sleep that way. If you carry him for a very long time in a pouch your back would also start to hurt because the weight is not evenly distributed on your shoulders. We didn’t want to give up on baby wearing so we searched for another carrier that is not very expensive. We found out about lelliebub and her mei tai that she calls bubba tai has had a lot of good reviews. The only problem is because of so much demand it is hard to get your hands on her bubba tai. The day that she had a new stock we immediately just grab what we can with a click of a button. We love our bubba tai. My back doesn’t hurt anymore and it is easy to use ones you get a hang of it and little E can sleep in it too. 😀

I love baby wearing so much because it helps us bond with little E more. You really don’t have to spend much to be able to baby wear because there are really affordable ones. But if you really do have a budget then it wouldn’t be bad to get your hands on a Tula carrier.

bubbatai pouch pouch2