10 days to go!

Hello Hello Hello! šŸ™‚ we’ve been missing a lot of updates. we’re at the final stretch of our wedding prep. Can’t explain what I’m feeling right now. A lot of times I’m just panicking even when I’m already asleep. I’d end up getting up justĀ to check my list. I think we are almost done though […]

24 days left!

Hello! We’re back from Ormoc. Well it turned out well after all. My father was no longer giving me the silent treatment and we were just happy during our visit. We’ve made a lot of progress and here they are: 1. Canonical Interview E and I were really nervous about the canonical interview. I’ve read […]

Something for My Girls

And so i found some cute fans Ā at divisoria at a very affordable price. I couldn’t go home not buying them for my girls and even for myself. I bought them for 95.00 already 10pieces of them. i also bought these cute head bands my girls will be wearing on the day itself. Ā these two […]

53 days to go!

So we a have been away for a while now. Honestly I was just dodging this website so i would not to see the countdown. With it saying that we are down to a month I’m panicking. Well we’ve madeĀ  more progress despite having been very busy on weekends with E’s parents and brother’s family […]