Yaya Problem

Yaya Problem I’m exhausted! This again. I wish I could say I don’t want this anymore but this is just something that we need to face and go through over and over again. We have no choice. We can’t quit our jobs. It’s the start of the year and yet this is stressing as out. […]

3 + 1 = 4

Everytime I start an entry on this blog it always starts with something like explaining myself for the long absence. I feel like I shouldn’t be having this blog anymore as I really don’t know how to maintain it. There are plenty of working moms like me who can still blog. I don’t know how […]

I’m Still Here

I’ve not visited this blog for a while. Not that I really don’t have time. I could squeeze time to write but the past months had been depressing I don’t want to fill my blog with nothing but rants. Got trouble at work because of my being incapable to balance work  and life. I didn’t […]

New Chapter

Hello! Hello! I’m just going to be quick just to update this blog that we’ve already moved. It’s been two weeks already and it had been a hell of a ride. I’m so exhausted and still a lot is needed to be done. Done with the grills and the tiles. We still don’t have cabinets […]


Hello everyone. I’m just going to update you a little about what happened from where I’ve left off and then about my breastfeeding journey. I have just moved to another team which really made it even more hard for me to have time to update this blog good thing that we are having a blocker […]

What’s Your Alibi?

Goodness I’ve been away for quite sometime now. 😦 I really couldn’t keep my promises could I? I have been really busy with little E’s birthday party preparation and then we also have to move to another building at work. I’d been assigned with a lot of tasks too and needed to finish it before […]