A Year Older

I just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Didn’t have anything big planned out. I wanted to celebrate my birthday with just the family. And I just even want to sleep uninterrupted. I have happened to be neighbors with who i share the same birthday and I’m amazed at how she could still manage to plan a […]

Hands Free

This is the second day since I have given birth that I have been hands free. Today is the second day I am observing yaya. I miss Euan. Yesterday I have not carried him from morning till evening and I’m just in the same place as him how much more if I am already working […]

Hello World

Hello everyone! Sorry i’ve been absent for such a long long time. I’ve already given birth to our Euan Miguel and with limited internet access and being a mother now has kept me from updating this blog. One of these days i’ll blog about Euan’s birth story. For now let me just introduce our little […]