A Year Older

I just celebrated my birthday yesterday. Didn’t have anything big planned out. I wanted to celebrate my birthday with just the family. And I just even want to sleep uninterrupted. I have happened to be neighbors with who i share the same birthday and I’m amazed at how she could still manage to plan a party with her having two hyper active toddler and still even managed to look great. Didn’t really plan on going anywhere but they invited us over for snacks in the afternoon. It felt awkward because I’ve not prepared anything at all and every time there’s someone celebrating birthday in our village there is always gathering. Everyone seem to know I also have a birthday and yet I was there in clothes I wore while i was cleaning the house. Didn’t plan on staying long just sent a cake but they insisted. I was tired after all the things I did in the morning in our front yard. But I immediately forgot how embarrassed I am when I saw little E enjoying himself with the other kids. He don’t get to go out much and have playmates and so seeing him having so much fun makes me stop worrying about myself. I thought I already have a hyperactive one but compared to my new friend’s kids little E is still described as well behave.

I don’t know but for me I preferred spending my birthday the way I did. In the morning I planted our delivered Eugenias and frog grass and transplanted our pechays. Cleaned the house and then went out to have lunch with the family. Husband treated me with a whole body massage. If it were not for the invitation I would have spent the whole afternoon sleeping. I know it seem ordinary but not having to cook, having someone pamper me, getting sleep and read a book seem to be the greatest gift I could ever receive. I hope I didn’t give our neighbor an impression that I am distant and cold. It’s in our culture to be very close with the neighbors. It is called pakikisama here. I love that people can plan events i have nothing against that at all. For me though choosing between a party and relaxing I’d prefer the latter. I hope that isn’t really bad. Anyway maybe next year when little E is bigger I’d be good in planning parties. We’ll just see. Maybe I’d be able to pull it off too.

Hope to update you with more pictures of our vegetable garden and new plants to be delivered this weekend. I’ll do my best. till next time.


My collection of succulents and arranged them myself. 🙂



Eugenias and frog grass delivered a day before my birthday. 


Planted our frog grass and the Eugenias. Can’t wait for them to grow bigger.


It doesn’t look much for now. This is what our driveway looks like for now.



Surprise gift from my husband. A cake, harry potter book and a letter. 🙂


Little loving my cake. That was his breakfast.


Soon as we got home from lunch went to the fridge and got himself a slice of cake. 


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