Project Change-Is-Coming

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. 🙂 I got some big news. We finally got a car! We got it within a week after we applied for the bank loan. The approval was so quick that we didn’t have a chance to think about the unit that was offered to us. Although we were set to really buy a car it never really occurred to us that we’d be buying before we move to our house. Everything happened so fast. It was a good deal for a situation like ours. I have to be honest I had sleepless nights and even experience hyperventilating. I got nervous because this is another huge responsibility and an expensive one but I know that we need this especially now that we have a child. I am not sure how long our yaya is going to be with us ever since she told me last week that she’s planning on going to college again but if should she decides to leave I think we’ll take a break in hiring another yaya and consider day care instead. And should that happen we will be needing to commute with little E everyday. I’ve had several bad experience in commuting in public transport with little E. Number 1 is breastfeeding him is difficult for both he and I. Number 2 not everyone has patience or are considerate in a child having tantrums. Little E don’t like heavy traffic so whenever the car stops he would cry and fuzz around. You’ll get a hate stare from your fellow passenger as if they are trying to tell you to calm you child which is really impossible to do. Number 3 is it really is exhausting having to wait in line in van terminal with a child and bag full of grocery and it is even harder when it is raining. We could choose not bring little E with us during grocery but we don’t really have a choice but to bring him with us since our yaya has been frequently having her day off. Number 4 should there be an emergency in our new house we’d be in a lot of trouble since there’s a little shuttle available in our area and you have to wait around 30 mins for it to arrive. So finally getting the car had already solved a lot of our problem although it would require us to be more conscious with our expenses now that we are paying two mortgages. So yeah I have to find ways to save more.

Another news is we’re done applying for electricity and water. Now we have grills installed in our house not that I am fan of grills but I find it a necessity these days. I wouldn’t be able to  sleep well that any bad person could just come into our home. We could never be too confident with the village security guard. Things you see in the news is just too scary and when you have child it’s their safety that you have to prioritize. So never mind if I really don’t like it. Next project would be the tiles. Already our saving’s been drained off. Hopefully there’d be enough money left for new furniture and cabinets. This is really hard!  More update in days to come. 🙂


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