My Little Accident

Hi everyone! I’ve been really having second thought on sharing this but felt that this will also serve to warn anyone to be careful. I feel really embarrassed about what happened. I may be one of those unlucky person to ever be injured on a inflatable giant slide. I broke 3 bones on my foot which resulted to making me stay at home for 4 weeks! When the doctor told me that it would be better if i rest at home that long it made my heart sank because i don’t think I can afford to leave work that long especially that I haven’t been performing well ever since i became a mom. I had a lot of task already behind and not working I’m afraid of losing my job. The doctor told me if I really needed to work I have to use crutches but oh goodness was it hard to use them. Had to use it for a while and already I had blisters on both my hands and my arms and neck and back is already sore. A few meters of walking in it and I’m already covered in sweat and I rarely sweat. So how did it happen? Well it was happy day for us because decided to celebrate father’s day in advance and so we took little E to kidzoona. We had the day all planned out. Little E was very excited and sooooo happy playing. It was really fun watching him. And then we saw this giant slide and everyone going in it had a huge smile on their faces. Little E wanted to try it but I was reluctant to let him because my husband is gone for a little while to buy something. But little E really wanted to go as he sees many kids going and so despite the voices telling me to wait for my husband we went up the ladder and as I was holding little E I looked down and realize how scared I was and thought of it as a bad idea. I wanted to go back to the ladder but I don’t know how I could carry little E on that ladder. I looked at other parents with them carrying their kids as they slide it looked so easy and fun for them. So I closed my eyes and slide and get over it. I was so busy being scared that i didn’t realize that my left leg got under by behind. As we were sliding down I was sitting with my left foot and the friction between my foot gave me the injury. I couldn’t walk because it was too painful to even touch my foot. Then this little kid from the slide landed on my foot! I had to scream. Little E wanted to go back to the slide and I had to hold him while he fights me. He was crying but I have to hold him because no one else is going to look after him. I waited for my husband for what felt like forever. Then he finally he was there and couldn’t believe I really injured myself. We really thought that it was just a sprain. So we waited for the pain to go away. I just sat at the corner while big E and little E were playing but I felt that the pain was just too much and so we had to call for help. The people at kidzoona to my disappointment didn’t really know how to attend to my injury. They just gave me ice to put on my foot. Then I had to tell them I needed to go to the clinic. At the clinic I was given pain reliever and then still the ice on my foot. They were telling me that it would go away that they’ve had a lot of cases like that. I just needed to put ice and some ointment and I’ll be fine. But I’ve sprained my foot before and it was not this painful at all. I hate going to the hospital and I would very much just agree to what they say that I just need to sleep on it but it was just too painful. I had to tell them I needed to be sent to the hospital because I was not feeling better. I could see the face of manager a bit disappointed because he really had to go with me because that’s part of their process. I didn’t even want him to go with us but it is part of his job. Little E already bored and I wish I listened to the voice in my head. I was so disappointed with myself that I’d have to ruin our day. I was then wheeled to the emergency room had my xray and then we found out I had fractured bones. It came as a shock to me because I’ve never been injured before. If this were in my younger days where I didn’t have any responsibility I would have probably rejoiced knowing I have 4 weeks to stay home. I would read books and watch all the movies I’ve missed. But now that I am a mom i don’t know how we are going to manage at home and yes work. I never like bothering anyone or be a burden. I really am not comfortable asking for help. I feel bad for big E. He had to cook, take care of little E after work, do the grocery, and a lot more. It was even harder that I couldn’t play with little E. 😦 Good thing also that I was allowed to work from home. I was able to borrow a laptop. Although I’d still prefer to work with the office because of the crappy internet here at home it is still better than not being able to do my task. 3 weeks have passed and I just can’t wait to be freed from my cast. I really wanted to be useful again.


So there that’s what happened. I don’t know how often this happen to anyone but I really feel bad. I wasted 4 weeks. Although it is nice to be home and have more time with little E i still didn’t feel ok having big E do everything. I’m gonna make it up to him.


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