Summer Getaway 2016: Activities with a Toddler

Another downtime. My server is still inaccessible and thus I am stuck. Well that’s a good thing I guess so I could finally update this blog. 🙂

We didn’t have much activities since we have a toddler. Everything we had to do must be fun and of course safe for our little E. The only moment little E really hated was breakfast time. The location of the dining area in Ferra Hotel is beside their lap pool. Little E is always distracted and would really try to climb out of his high chair. He would only stop fussing when we let him go to the pool. But of course he still is not dressed for swimming so we let his tiny feet feel the water. Sometimes he would want to really jump. We didn’t get to enjoy much of our breakfast. 😦 Reviews had been raving about their beef tapa but I didn’t get the chance to indulge in it. If only we could only just eat breakfast in our room. But then it really was fun seeing little E having fun.

So the first thing we did when we got to Boracay was just enjoy our room. I embraced the fresh sheets took mental photos of the room wishing that we could do that with our own someday. Then the boys went right on to watching TV. They were already glued to the TV while I arranged our clothes and then decided to order some snacks. On my previous post I shared how yummy their food is. I ordered carbonara and wow it is the best I have ever tasted so far. We decided to go out at 4 in the afternoon thinking that it wouldn’t be that hot anymore. Please don’t be mad at me but I decided not to buy sun screen because I was scared on putting something on little E. I wasn’t sure which sun screen were safe to use for a 1 yr old. So we really made sure to only go out early in the morning then late in the afternoon. But to our surprise 4pm was still very hot. We were running by the beach looking for a shade because little E was already feeling uncomfortable. I forgot to bring his water! and he began to feel thirsty good thing i brought my nursing cover. It took a while for him to really warm up to the sand. He first didn’t like feeling of the sand on his feet. For a while he just wanted to be carried. But then as the heat was calming down little E no longer protested when we set him down the sand. We bought him this swim float and so we finally made him try floating on the shallow part of the beach. We ended up staying at Willy’s Rock after all the running we did finding shade. Little E really enjoyed the water. The sun is setting so we decided to go back to the hotel so we could change before dinner but little E keeps pulling is floater and tries to run back to the water. Little E also enjoyed being around kids his age. You’d think they really understand each other because they would be gesturing like they are talking. But when you listen you’d only hear gibberish talk. I was a lot more excited I guess than little E. Seeing him just having fun was such a delight to witness.


Going back to the hotel we were excited to go to the roof top for dinner but it seem little E was already tired from all the running and swimming he did at the beach. He was starting to fuss when he bathe him and then change him to fresh clothes. But then he again started to feel happy when we got on the elevator upon seeing his reflection. He got this fascination with mirror. It took a while for our order to arrive and so little E got bored on his high chair and just wanted to run all over the place. But when our food arrived little E finally for first time sat still. He loved the chicken tinola so much! It was the first time I ever saw him consumed that much. Their food is that really good that even my very picky eater finally behaved himself just so we could give him more. That night little E sleep very well and I have slept well too.

The next day we decided to spend the whole day by the beach. We looked for a place we could stay with shade and have the beach for our view. We were looking for beach benches with umbrellas so we could stay till noon and then we found Red Coconut. Staying there is not for free though. To be able to stay there since there’s two us we need to order something that would amount to 600 pesos. So we ordered drinks and then promised to have lunch there although I really want to eat at the hotel again. Big E bought sand toys for little E and he really enjoyed it! We also went swimming while it was still not that hot. It was relaxing time by the beach because little E was just playing with his new toys. We didn’t have to chase after him. I enjoyed looking at the beach and then of course little E. He’s so cute with his babiators sun glasses that big E bought for him. We decided to order lunch because little E started to look sleepy. He must be really tired because he slept through lunch. Well he wouldn’t have enjoyed lunch because honestly I didn’t like their food. I was disappointed because what we ordered is a lot more expensive than the ones in the hotel but it was not that even that good. Not to brag but I can cook better. 😦 We went back to the Hotel right away because the sun is starting to really hurt our skin even under the umbrella.

So we spent some time in our room before we head again to the beach this time we wanted to go to Puka beach. During our first visit in Boracay before we had little E we were not able to go there because of bad weather. I have been really looking forward to visit this beach and I wouldn’t want to miss it this time. The hotel arranged our transportation which was really great for them. At 4pm the tricycle was already waiting for us. We paid 150 pesos. It was far that little E fell asleep again and when we got to Puka Beach it was still a bit hot so again we decided to find benches with umbrella so little E could continue sleeping comfortably. My goodness was it pricey. They’d tell you that it is free to stay you just have to order their drink. The cheapest on their menu is buko juice which is worth 250 pesos! I started to complain and was about to just check the other benches when the guy who gave us the menu said he would give it 150 pesos for us. I was already feeling bad for little E so we agreed to the price. When little E woke up we immediately started swimming as we only got around an hour before the sun sets. Little E love the sand there. It’s much finer.

We got back to the hotel and took a swim on their lap pool. Little E loved it so much that we almost couldn’t get out anymore. But I was already getting hungry and even though he was still begging for more big E had to finally carry him while he is still crying. 😦 And so I just wanted to have dinner at Ruf’s resto again and it did not disappoint. I could eat there everyday! Since little E is still fully charged from sleeping at Puka beach we decided to let him experience Boracay Night life. He enjoyed the fire dance.

The next day we are set to leave for Boracay. 😦 And so we decided to spend the rest of the day eating. With the help of google we searched for must try places. We can only accommodate two place with our remaining time so we chose Spice Bird and Boracay Toilet. I love what I ordered in Spice Bird. The sauce is my favorite. Big E was disappointed with what he ordered. It was a bit pricey too. Next is the Boracay Toilet. I think most people go there for the experience. They will serve your food their toilet themed dishes. The whole place  looked fun. Good for picture taking. The food however was just ok. We ordered halo-halo because we are still full. That was last place we visited before we got back to our Hotel for our service to pick us up.

Our vacation was short but fun. It really was memorable to us as a family. I don’t know when will ever get a chance to have a vacation like this especially soon we will be moving to our house. Don’t know if we’ll have another chance to splurge like this. Boracay sure is a nice place for family vacation but sure is expensive. I’m just happy that little E gets to experience the beach with us. That is my favorite part of our vacation just to see little E be fascinated with so many things and just be happy.


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