Hello everyone. I’m just going to update you a little about what happened from where I’ve left off and then about my breastfeeding journey. I have just moved to another team which really made it even more hard for me to have time to update this blog good thing that we are having a blocker issue right now so we are stuck and might as well give this blog a quick update. So we also had our second inspection two weeks ago and most of the major problems are already resolved. There are still minor problems like tile and wall cracks that we demanded to be addressed. So we are now waiting for our probably last inspection and then unit acceptance but moving won’t happen very soon because we still need to do home improvement to do. I’m not sure if our current savings would be able to cover everything but definitely it will take another time. We also have a plan on buying a car but we never  expected we’d consider this any time soon after our house acceptance but visiting our house was difficult especially because there’s no established transport system yet  around our village. I don’t know how we will manage if traveling would eat most of our time. I wanted for us to be able to really spend a lot of time with little E. I’ve always been guilty about leaving little E for work. I hope we will be able to accomplish home improvement, moving and then buying a car before this year ends. Seems a lot and huge project.

With all this planning and sacrifices and being a mom I’m just always exhausted. It’s harder not to have relatives you can ask for help in looking after the baby. Though we have a nanny we are very hands on in taking care of little E. I always hurry in going home so I could still play with little E in our village park. Feed him myself. Give him bath. Read him stories and put him to sleep. I still want to do all that for him and if I miss one task because I have to extend work hours I’d be really guilty. On weekends we also make sure our nanny gets her day off so that she could have enough rest because looking after a hyper toddler the whole day is no easy task. You see I don’t rest much on weekends either. Little E still breastfeed at night so most of the time I’d still wake up 3-4 times. He’s still not weaning. Despite being tired and everything I still make sure to give myself time to read. So at night right after little E sleeps I read at least 5 pages but sometimes I’m too exhausted I’d fall asleep with little E. I long for a 8 hours uninterrupted sleep. Just that. But I know that’s not going to happen any time soon yet. I always tell myself that this too shall pass and every sacrifice is worth it. Anything for my little E. So even though at many instances I’d be in auto pilot mode and I feel like a zombie and just mess up a lot by being so forgetful I just laugh it out. It will make a good story for little E when he grows up.

Little E is now super hyper. He likes to run a lot when he’s at the mall. He likes to feed himself. He can say CA for cars, bye, and di for no. He sits on our sofa by himself when he wishes to watch his favorite kiddie show. He loves baths. He knows how to throw tantrums now when he don’t get what he wants. He is even more clingy which makes it even harder to leave for work when he wakes up before I could walk out the door. He loves looking at his own reflection. He cries when he sees his pedia. He can is very shy. I try to remember more but I just received an email of a new task and now I’m blank. Leaving now hope I can really update more. Wish us luck on our projects. Till next post!



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