Big Changes

Hello everyone, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had an update. I’ve been busy with work. Transitioning from Software developer to Software tester had not been as easy as I have imagined it to be. I really thought that becoming a tester would be a lot easier but have i under estimated this job. I just finished a project last week and I’m taking a little break to update you with a lot of things that have happened from where I have left off. I don’t know when will I be able to have a chance to blog again. So first is to update you about our house! 😀 we’ve finally had our first inspection. I didn’t post much about our house because there are a lot of negative feed backs about the developer and I’m not ready to read if anyone would comment about their bad experiences here because I really am holding on to that thought that things change and things improve. I remain hopeful to this day. Seeing our house for the first time made me forget about all the sacrifices we had to make for the last months because finally it no longer feels like a dream. We had minor repairs and one major concern on one of our wall because it has this crack that seemed to go through all the way to the other side because you could see water marks coming out from the crack to what appears to be coming from heavy rain. I try not to think about it much because I would like to give the developer a chance to fix it. I really try not to worry about it until I see any results and not let myself be affected about the other comments I’ve read before.  I believe that staying positive and calm is the best way to handle this issue and not resort to becoming angry and violent. So I just breath in and breath out and think happy thoughts.


Our next inspection will be on April. Hopefully they’d be able to fix the problems that we’ve pointed out. We are really very excited for our next visit.

On to my next update is about really trying to be responsible with our finances. Although I don’t get much sleep ever since I gave birth there are things that keeps me awake no matter how exhausted I am. The thought of death terrifies me and leaving little E and big E without savings has a coffee effect on me. Never before had I considered life insurance  because I didn’t think I’d have any need for it. But I have been thinking a lot about little E’s future. Death is unpredictable but we could prepare for it so we don’t leave our loved ones without nothing. I have witnessed this happening to a lot of my relatives. Sudden illnesses have drained their savings leaving them broke and  in debt too. I’ve witness family fighting against one another because of money. I don’t want that to happen to my family someday and so I’m doing everything to prevent it. I’m going to admit saving up had been such a challenge for me and big E. As much as I wanted to enforce budget on our savings account it is really hard to do especially because Big E and I don’t have the discipline to say no to buying stuff or going out.So I made the decision to buy life insurance for myself in Pru Life. I am also planning to buy for Big E as soon as we will have more extra cash. I also opened a kiddie savers for Little E. The cash he got from his baptism, his birthday and Christmas is saved in his savings account and I’m planning on depositing regularly. I know I should have done this while we were younger but I didn’t know any better then. I always thought I’d be healthy and working but when I little E came my way of thinking have changed. Little E really has force us to become wiser. Even though I am usually just content with being ordinary and below average I am now planning to really work hard to step it up especially at work because I’m being left behind and I don’t want to not be able to give little E a chance to a wonderful life. And so I really want to come out of my shell this time for real. Becoming a parent really puts the pressure on you because you now have a life relying on you and you have to make the right decisions. So yes there will be a lot of changes and I do hope we won’t fail our little E.  Till next time.


2 thoughts on “Big Changes

  1. Hi madam! Nag revamp ko sa akong blog site and kita ko sa imong comment.. hehehe

    Unya nagsearch ko sa imong wordpress.. congrats sa soon nimong balay! 🙂

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