Is It too Late to say Happy New Year?

I really wanted to post about how we celebrated our Christmas and New Year and then what I aim to happen for 2016 but vacation as what I used to believe as having more extra time to do the things you wanted to do and to relax no longer holds that meaning, for vacation when you become a parent means you make up for the time you were not with your family because of work. And so it was really a busy and very challenging Christmas vacation for me at least. Not that I don’t love going home and having to spend the holiday with my parents but traveling with a toddler is surprisingly hard work! I thought it would be easy but I guess we were never really prepared. Little E got sick not really sure where he got it from but when we returned to manila the doctor said little E got a cold virus. He was extra clingy the whole week we were at home that I couldn’t be anywhere or do anything to help around. I also think that we could have planned and organized this trip well but instead big E and I couldn’t agree on the luggage to use and what to bring and not. It wasn’t until 3 days before our trip did we finally started to pack. What we don’t need we packed and what was useful was left. It was a disaster. We were never really used to traveling with a lot of baggage. A back pack for each Big E and I and were ok. But when you are traveling with a child it feels like you have to pack the whole house just so your little one gets what he needs or else he’d be bored. Little E’s first airplane and fast craft ride he was asleep the whole time but on our way back to Manila because he already was sick he was being difficult. Now I finally get why traveling is not advised when you have little kids. I was so excited to finally have my parents meet their first grandson though. I couldn’t be happier for them. My heart ached when we finally had to leave them because I did feel how much they longed for a grandson. Both of them were just so happy to finally see little E. So all the trouble we have to go through is worth it because it has actually been such a long time the last time I ever saw my parents that happy. But I will definitely research more and prepare for the next time we will be travelling.  Anyway below are pictures from our vacation.

Before we got to Ormoc we first had to meet with our close friends in Cebu. We went to this beautiful place in Punta Engaño Lapu-lapu , where we had our mini reunion. We rented a place in Amisa Condominium and it was very cheap for such a place. It was short stay but everyone had fun. Little E had his first swimming experience in actual pool. Boy was he very happy. Splashing and giggling that it was contagious. Also I’d like to mention this cool bookstore in Jmall Cebu. They have this egg shaped chairs and books you can read. It is such a great place for book lovers.


I wish we could have stayed longer in Ormoc. I’m pretty sure my parents would have love to spend more time with little E. It was heart breaking to leave them and I could tell that they were sad we had to go home. I would have love for them to see little E grow up and to know him and I would love for little E to know his grandparents as well. Thinking about this makes me sad and I’m actually about to cry now. Soooooo… have to cut this short before a tear drops and someone sees me and think that I’m crazy. Oooopsss too late better run and hide. Sorry have to go.



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