Happy First Birthday Little E

I never thought that this day would come without me ever noticing the time that has passed. Cannot believe that it has already been a year. A year of so many first for big E, little E and I. I know that it had not been easy but the love and joy little E brings to our family outweighs the hard stuff. 1 year of being a mom and I learned so many things more than I have ever learned in any moments of life combined. I have become a different person. I’ve become more appreciative, more patient, more resourceful, more brave, more adventurous and more courageous. 1 year! 1 amazing year.

We had two celebration the first 1 was just us 3 and the next was a party with all out close friends and relatives. The first celebration we dined at Sambokojin. What’s not to love about all you can eat food? I feel like my stomach have stretched that I looked like I’m 5 months pregnant.Anyway we gave little E fruits and some fish and then yogurt. I wished that they did have high chair for kids.
The second celebration was at Shakey’s El Pueblo. I was really impressed at how well they’ve executed their birthday event package. The host was really accommodating since day 1. At the event the kids really enjoyed the games and then the give aways. The food as expected it great. Love love love everything in Shakeys. And when the party was done the crew assissted us with the cleaning up. They were kind enough to help us in distrubiting all the giveaways to our guests and then helping us with packing little E’s gift. I have nothing but wonderful comments for Shakeys.



DIY Keychains!


Cupcakes from Ikos Bakeshop


Despite the bad reviews I still pushed through in purchasing the cake because Shakeys won’t allow any other cake vendor. I think a birthday party isn’t complete without a cake. Because I don’t have much other cakes to compare this cake I find it to be good. Not too sweet and moist. 


Shakey’s Table setup




Fell asleep waiting for his guests.


just woke up


Our handsome celebrant



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