CoCo Ichibanya

Because the server is down and I cannot just sit idly here I decided to share our experience with this restaurant that’s been talked a lot at work by my colleagues. I’m not a big fan of Japanese food but my husband is. Although he has already dined here I really wanted to experience Japanese curry that everyone has been raving. I love curry and so when I heard about this restaurant I immediately wanted to try it. We’ve long been planning to celebrate one of our monthsaries here but had been postponed a lot of times already. So finally one fine day in November big E had those impulsive decision to take us out. I wouldn’t wanna miss this opportunity so even though it was a weekday and it would be risky to travel with little E that we could get stuck in heavy traffic I still pushed through. The location is within the building where big E works at Estancia Mall. The mall is not crowded at that time. The park is already dressed for Christmas and so little E enjoyed the lights.

So back to CoCo Ichibanya, I love that they provide high chairs and baby utensils for their customers with children. It definitely made little E feel welcomed. Little E was really happy and smiled a lot. I ordered the shrimp gratin because I love shrimp and big E ordered their seafood curry. I was not disappointed with my order although I wish they added more shrimp. I love the melted cheese! Big E didn’t quite like his though. I had to finish his plate. I felt that the squid was a sliced too thinly that I couldn’t taste the squid but I love the curry! Little E had an egg salad because that’s the only food he can eat in the menu. He didn’t ate much because he wanted to eat what we were eating and then he got really annoyed that we wouldn’t give him.

Overall I would definitely want to come back and try their other curry dishes and hopefully little E would already be big enough to try their dishes.


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