Trick or Treat 2015

Hello! I’ve again been ignoring this blog for a while. The only time I am able to be in the internet with my pc I mostly use it to research on party venues and ideas for little E’s upcoming birthday. It has not been easy for we only have small budget because we are saving up for our house and then vacation to Ormoc. Finding a venue to fit our budget is really a challenge and has  been the source of my stress this past few weeks. We’ve already reserved some venues but has not yet agreed on which one to book. I’m going to take a break from the party planning and share about Euan’s first trick or treat. I grew up in a province so trick or treat for me is something I never really experienced myself. I watched movies about it and wished that I could someday be in one but my chance never came. So when we had a trick or treat in our company last year and I was still pregnant then it was the very first time I ever experience what it is like to be in an event like that and ever since I have been imagining for our little E would experience it. I have never put any much thought on buying costume because I really was set in DYIng and there are so many ideas on the internet. Also I didn’t want to spend on something that will only be used once. Since Euan already have a striped shirt that would pass as a pirate costume I decided to use it and then just buy a hat and just maybe draw mustache on little E then big E made this sword out of cardboard. And since we have two trick or treat to attend to from my company and from big E we still need another costume. We are lucky that someone lent us an old batman costume. And then we were all set for the event.

Below are from my company’s trick or treat. Euan enjoyed being with the kids and we could see from his excitement how much he wanted to join them but he still couldn’t walk. He was giggling and smiling and was just too happy. He loves balloons we realized but is terrified of the magician.


Euan getting ready for the trick or treat.



Counting my treasures.


Saying hi to a new friend.


Sorry Euan you just need to stay here with mama and papa because you are yet to learn to walk.


with mama and papa

cute_lovefight_scene istheremore lambingpapaseriouspirate_euanninongs

The next day Big E had their trick or treat and Euan on his batman costume even more had fun because the whole office of verifone had been prepared for the event. There were so many balloons and each department really did put an effort on putting up decors even adults enjoyed. Again Euan tried to play with the kids but he couldn’t still walk. One time we were watching a movie and he sat beside this kid and he tried to reach him and play with him. He so love the balloons around him the colorful decors and the kids in costume.

20151029_205449 20151029_171033 20151029_170628 20151029_150916 20151029_151102 20151029_150439 20151029_150316 20151029_150116 20151029_144825 20151029_135819 20151029_143634 20151029_123737 20151029_120808 20151029_115131 20151029_115105 20151029_104740 20151029_104641

Seeing Euan so happy and being amazed at the things he see is such a delight to experience. I feel like I am also experiencing so many things for the first time. Now I get what’s with all the excitement trick or treat brings for the whole family and even though in my childhood I never get to experience it at least with little E i feel like I’ve already lived another childhood dream. This will definitely become a tradition for us.


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