Wrong Ramen

My favorite part of the weekend, especially if we have extra budget, is we can go out just the 3 of us. I miss hanging out with my husband just us two but with little E (LE) still small every time I would be away from him I’d be completely distracted with these feelings of guilt. It’s just not easy for me to be separated from my little E.

Bringing along LE with us when we go out is extra challenge. For reasons because we don’t have a car so we have to commute. Most of the time if we get stuck in traffic LE would get really bored and starts to get fuzzy and be pulling out whatever he gets his hands to. Sometimes if we commute in a van LE would start reaching for people’s belonging. The worst thing that could happen is when he gets hungry when he would start to cry and every ones eyes would be on us. Breastfeeding in a moving vehicle is not easy especially if you are sharing it with more passenger. If we have enough money we do get a cab or Uber. It’s the most convenient way to go to places here in Manila but with a price.

So one weekend while we were visiting BE’s sister at St. Lukes we decided to have a special lunch. We usually have lunch on KFC or McDo. We finally decided to try something new. There were plenty of choices in BGC. BE is a big fan of ramen so Wrong Ramen appealed to me because I know he would love it. The place is small with I think 20 sitting capacity. It has a Japanese feel around it with all of the details which was a plus to our experience. There weren’t any people there yet so we chose an area with no one to disturb just encase LE decides to play. We chose their 2nd floor then we check the menu. To my surprise there weren’t much choices. If I remember correctly there were just 6 ramens to choose from and the appetizer that I wanted to try was not available so we just ordered Ramen. I chose FU ramen because of the bacon and BE being a seafood lover ordered sea men ramen. I’m no good in describing food because to me GREAT, IT’s OK, and YUCK are the only words in my food dictionary. I thought I’d really find my choice something that I would wanna eat again but to my dismay I just find it ordinary. I was expecting a lot because of the bacon because it is my favorite breakfast food in the whole wide world but I realize it is not as good when it is in a ramen. BE however did the right choice. I tried it and would really want to trade with him. I could taste all the seafood flavor in there. I didn’t get to eat my ramen while it was still hot because LE was just so fuzzy he wants to play. So i first let BE finish and then I finished mine. Despite our current arrangement in eating I do enjoy it. I love eating while I look at BE and LE playing.


He loved playing with the chopstick but have to cut his short fun because I was scared he might poke his eyes with it.


While waiting for our ramen BE gets to play and have unli kiss.


Our order is here but where is LE’s?


Sea Men Ramen


FU Ramen


Obligatory family pic.



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