Baby Wearing

I just got another notification that my views have spiked up and so it reminded me to post about my baby wearing experience. I’ve haven’t had the time to do so because of a very busy schedule. So wow I really find it encouraging that I have readers. Do I really have readers or is it just E who keeps visiting my blog. 😀 Anyway thank you.

So baby wearing was one of the top priority we also considered before giving birth but the reason was for me is strollers are expensive and are easy not to bring around when traveling. We don’t have a car so it would be impractical to invest on strollers. Doing a lot of research we found out that there are a lot of benefits from baby wearing and it was already enough to convince us to definitely do it.

There  a lot of carriers to choose from but make sure that they are safe for your baby and so I would really suggest that you do a lot of reading, join a group that advocates on baby wearing and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Since we are really on a tight budget we couldn’t really splurge on a carrier but it is a good thing that there are local brands that are highly recommended and very affordable. Our first carrier was a baby pouch from indigo baby. We bought it at a sale during a mommy mundo baby expo at the price of 600 pesos. We started using it when little E was almost 2 months. Well actually it was more of big E using it because I was so scared to hurt little E. Little E loves sleeping there. It’s big E and little E’s favorite bonding time. I don’t use it much except for this one time when little E wouldn’t go to sleep and would just cry non stop that I tried the pouch and immediately he fell asleep. I started to be getting more comfortable with the pouch when little E was already 6 months old. I could carry him with his legs out from the pouch. The only problem I find in carrying him like that is i can’t put him to sleep that way. If you carry him for a very long time in a pouch your back would also start to hurt because the weight is not evenly distributed on your shoulders. We didn’t want to give up on baby wearing so we searched for another carrier that is not very expensive. We found out about lelliebub and her mei tai that she calls bubba tai has had a lot of good reviews. The only problem is because of so much demand it is hard to get your hands on her bubba tai. The day that she had a new stock we immediately just grab what we can with a click of a button. We love our bubba tai. My back doesn’t hurt anymore and it is easy to use ones you get a hang of it and little E can sleep in it too. 😀

I love baby wearing so much because it helps us bond with little E more. You really don’t have to spend much to be able to baby wear because there are really affordable ones. But if you really do have a budget then it wouldn’t be bad to get your hands on a Tula carrier.

bubbatai pouch pouch2


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