I Won Something Again!!!

What a surprise when I read my fb today! I just found out I won not only 1 but 6 washable menstrual pad! 😀 I didn’t even know there was a contest to begin with so imagine my surprise when I found out about this. Apparently my profile pic is in the shop’s fb page too and my friends have seen it. I’m just so happy because I’ve been meaning to try the pads for myself but never got to really buy one because I don’t have the budget. I thought about buying this month finally but instead I got 6 for free. YEY! I’m not sure how I won though. I reread the shop’s post and it says that you could win by sharing and liking their photo about the ninoy aquino sale but I was not aware prior to my liking and sharing it to my friend or if I won because I bought worth 2000 of items well actually I bought for a friend who is almost due any months now (another cloth diapering mom hurray!!!). So anyway here is the pads that I have won from cheeky bebe shop.


My colorful washable menstrual pads


I wish I had a different picture though. That tummy! 😦


I love her tea freebies and card. It makes me feel valued as a customer. 😀

Back when I was still building my stash cheekybebeshop.com is one of my favorite online shop for cloth diapers for babyland brand in particular. And I’m really satisfied and this shop is highly trusted. I received my items and my free item within the day she sent it to me and above is the picture of the pads. It is oddly thin though. I’m not sure how to use them or if how absorbent this could be. I’ll write about it next time. 😀 love love love the design it seem a waste to be using them for aunt flow. 🙂 anyway till next time.


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