Me Time

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I certainly am off to a good start this week. πŸ˜€ I’m well rested and relax for the first time in months since I’ve given birth. We just had our new yaya last wednesday and she’s just the nicest one and really is far better than our previous one. I am really trying to be more talkative and outgoing around her even though that’s just not me because I never wanted to lose her. Our apartment is very clean I don’t even ever remember it being that clean my entire 4 yrs stay. Even the bathroom is spotless I could sleep in there. I just love her. I love that she doesn’t wait for us to tell her to do stuff. E and I are not comfortable in ordering someone around that was why our previous help most of the time spends her time watching tv, playing games on her phone, and fbing. She got spoiled and even bored I guess. Our yaya now you don’t wait to be told what to do next, she knows what to do even if you don’t say anything. I am worried that this might be just too good to be true. Euan likes her too. I don’t want to put too much expectation on this or get my hopes high but can I just say this now… I’m just so happy. πŸ™‚ The past weeks I’ve been having really bad headaches and I was just so tired from all the chores and worrying but now it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder.

Even with our previous yaya I really try to do something for myself and it really is impossible considering that E and I still does pretty much everything. I planned on having a pedicure and manicure but it never really happened because I’d feel guilty leaving Euan for too long. I did have a haircut which I feel was such a bad idea. I had it cut really short which is not very easy to maintain unlike my old long hair that I can tie easily. This time I really want to do something for myself. I admit I’ve haven’t been feeling very good about myself lately. My hair is a mess and I look tired. Not that I’m complaining because I love that I get to spend time with Euan but looking at myself in the mirror is a downer these days. I read a book by Jenny McCarthy (I’m not a fan especially because she is an anti-vaxxer but I found the summary to be funny so I bought it.) and I had to agree that you need to have time for yourself no matter how seem impossible it is even it means just putting on some moisturizer on your face. And although I was not much of a beauty routine fan I always wanted to start one ever since I started working and earning money for myself. I especially wanted to realize that dream now that I’m a mom. I don’t want to be the zombie looking mom for my baby. So little by little I’m trying to buy stuff that I could put on my face. I did some research prior. Watch some youtube videos on 5 minutes make up for moms. Make up is expensive and so intimidating and so I was only able to buy a bb cream, concealer and some lip and cheek tint. That’s all I can afford for now. I’m still building my kikay kit. So this morning I tried putting on some of the things I bought and there really is a difference. Before I look really tired but with a little make up (not sure if it is considered make up) i look refreshed and it made me feel better. It only took me about 3 minutes. I don’t like making selfies but for this post i’d like to share what i did. I hope i did it right! Next time if I have the budget and time I’d definitely want to update my wardrobe. My belly is really still pregnant looking and I don’t find my tops flattering anymore. I wish I’d have time to exercise but I barely even time to read books so if I get extra time I would rather be reading than sweating.


Update on Euan, he just turned 8 months this month. We didn’t have a huge celebration as we didn’t have a yaya then. We had a cake though. He Β is really hyper now and getting really cute. He is 9.6 kilos! πŸ™‚



9.6 Kilos at 8 months


Can I now eat my cake?


Tous Les Jours cake.


Getting hyper and handsome!


So that’s it for now. I do hope you are also having a great week!



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