Hakab Na 2015!

Hello world! 😀 How very excited I am to post about Hakab Na 2015 or Big Latch On 2015. When I found out about it, I immediately registered without even telling my husband. I was just so excited to be part of an event that promotes breastfeeding and I just wanted to be around mommies who shares the same advocacy. The registration was 150 for mommy and baby and then 50 pesos for each companion. So I paid 200 for us three.

The day of the event we were really planning on going as early as 7am but we woke up late at 6am and we have to prepare for Euan’s stuff. Thank goodness we still have free uber ride worth 200 pesos and was able to take advantage of it. We arrived at the venue at 500 Shaw Zentrum around 830 am and already the place was already packed. We met a friend there and she just gave birth a couple of weeks ago. She is not yet fully recovered but she was there and it was inspiring of her to be there despite her condition. After registration we were given loot bag with lots of goodies inside it. I was not able to take picture of it sorry. 😦 It was hard to move around the area that is why we didn’t bother visiting all the sponsor’s booth. We did however took the long queue for the picture booth and I’m very excited for our  copies. I regret not having a big breakfast nor packing some snacks. At 9 i was already feeling very hungry. Euan got hungry and I was standing in line for the picture taking. I didn’t want to give up my slot so I had to feed him standing. I was not alone though. We just had to smile at everyone who had to feed their babies in a most inconvenient position. But I love that we didn’t really have to feel awkward because everyone there understands and knows exactly why we had to do it. Did I mention that there were so many baby wearing and cloth diapering parents there? I just feel very at home at the event. I just couldn’t help but smile at every mommies even though i’m a shy person.

My friend and I then proceeded to the area with all the banigs. That was the area where all the mommies and babies latch on for 1 minute all at the same time. We were at the number 1 banig. I sat beside more mommies and I feel like I’m old friends with them already. All of then were cloth diapering and baby wearing mommies too. Euan enjoyed playing with their babies and they were amazed at how big he is. Their babies are older than Euan but he is bigger. One mom had to ask him if I was mix feeding him with formula. I proudly said no he is pure breastfed. 🙂 We had to sit there for an hour and Euan was getting really bored and sleepy while we wait for the rest of the mommies get positioned in their places. At 1030 on the dot we have to nurse our baby with the rest of other areas in the Philippines and some countries who have participated to this event. It was very exciting! Sadly Euan decided to sleep earlier and so when 1030 came I woke him up but he was disoriented with all the cheering and the noise that he was not able to focus on my boob. He was so distracted with what’s going on around him. I was able to make him latch for a second and then mommies where cheering so loud that he just had to look around for the source of the noise. Then it was over. We decided to no longer finish the event even though I still wanted to hear the speaker’s talk. Euan was just so sweaty and I was getting really hungry. We also had to accompany our friend who we were so worried about and their weeks old baby. So we have to leave early. By the way I won something. I still don’t know what it was but it was a wrap from tickledmoms. It’s nice to win something because I rarely am lucky with raffle draws. After having our lunch we immediately went to the grocery and we tried this cart with a mini car for kids to play and we were just amazed at how he enjoyed being in it. That’s it for now. Till next post.

baller banig_1 banig2 early_uber fallin
packed picture_taking trying_saya
waiting_formommies we did it withirish






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