Little Person

Hello everyone! How have you been? 😀 Been days since I’ve written anything. Been planning to but just got too caught up with a lot of baby stuff and I’m always in a hurry. I’ve been sick for almost 2 weeks now and so I was having milk supply trouble. I think because I’ve not been sleeping very well that my milk supply got affected. Went to see the doctor but he won’t give me any medication for my cough because I am nursing. He just advised me to drink lots of water and take multi vitamins. It took me almost two weeks to finally start feeling better. I still have cough today but not as bad as the days before where I’d choke and be in tears. So from 19-20 oz of milk I could only take home 12-13oz which really got me very anxious. I tried natalac again as it has been prescribed my OB. Took 2 tablets per day but nothing happened. I was still encountering low supply. I searched through many forums and blog post and I stumbled upon this one post about fenugreek that can be bought in Healthy Options. There’s this tea also that had been recommended by many mothers that is also available in the same store. 2 days after taking them I was able to take home 16oz and during the weekend I was engorged. So I think it did really worked for me.


Anyway Euan will be turning 8 months already and can’t believe my baby is almost a toddler now. I’d look at him and he is starting to really look like a little person. He can now sit without support although sometimes he would fall from moving too much. He loves to sit and stand and just reach for a lot of things. He is hyper. I love the look on his face every time he is fascinated by something. He’d be smiling at the object and it just make my heart ache sometimes because he really is growing so fast. He is a very curious little one. E is very protective around him and is rather very careful on the things Euan touches because everything that he gets his hands on he would put it in is mouth. I on the other hand can’t stand saying no to Euan so most of the time let him play with anything that is safe to hold if tries to reach for it. I just needed to be extra careful that he doesn’t put it in his mouth and clean his hands afterwards. Euan is a handful now and we should be starting to clear the apartment from all the harmful stuff as we are still not able to move to our own house. I wish we could move before Euan start walking but I doubt that will happen. He is in such a hurry to walk that he would cry if we don’t let him stand. As for the status of our house it is almost complete around 90% but we are still waiting for our loan take out. We are still in the process of filling some of the forms for the bank. We’re waiting for our first inspection to happen and hopefully would not encounter much problem along the way. Really excited to move so that Euan could have more space for playing and exploring. I don’t think our apartment is a safe place for a hyper baby. That’s all for now hope by next update there’d be more news about our house and a new yaya.


He loves to explore now.


He probably thought this is toothbrush.


This is his fascinated look.


My cute baby.


A box full of minions from E.




Puppet show with his papa.

minion2 papaandeuan2 stabd standing


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