Father’s Day 2015

Hello everyone! I have been trying recently to keep this blog updated but it just so hard to fit anymore time for this. How does some mommies are able to this? But I really love rereading my posts because it feels like I am traveling through time and it is sort of fascinating how much changes I’ve gone through over the years. So I am planning on really posting more often.

Father’s day had gone by 2 weeks ago. We were not able to celebrate on the day itself because E had a business trip. It was the longest 10 days of my life. I couldn’t possibly imagine what most OFWs feel. A few days I just missed him so much already. We were only able to celebrate this weekend. We had lunch and bought Euan a handy stroller because he really is getting very heavy. I love to carry him on our pouch sling but he barely fits in it anymore. Though my brother-in-law gave us a stroller commuting would be a challenge because it is huge. We don’t have a car so we make sure to bring less as much as possible.


Skyping with papa.



exercise giveme where'smyplate sling fathernson

To E, I know that there are just times that I am emotionally a wreck but you have just been so supportive. I am always in such a hurry and forgetful and scared but you always are the calm and fun one. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made especially your sleep. You come home from work late already because you have to take care of Euan in the morning and then you have to wake up very early because Euan wakes when I get ready for work. You sleep like 5 hours everyday. You just amaze me at how much love you show for Euan. You love giving him baths, you love carrying him on his pouch, you put him to sleep when I am too tired to get up. You are just wonderful. You do know how much Euan adores you. He smiles and giggles every time you are around and I’ve never seen him act like that to anyone else. Thank you E for eating unhealthy food for Euan just so you could complete all the free toys that comes with a happy meal. You just spoil Euan so much. Thank you thank you thank you E. Euan and I loves you so much. 🙂

swing lovepapa babath teach_walk sleepybaby work


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