What’s in the Box!!!

I’m so ecstatic when I receive my box of human nature products today! I have such bad luck when it comes to contests, raffle draws and etc. Back when I was still an active cloth diaper buyer one of my favorite online store is Mommy HQ. I love their products and I always look forward for their promos. I especially love their Bundles where you get to buy 4 different kind of diapers in your choice of design in a very reasonable price. I have stopped buying cloth diaper because I no longer have the budget and my stash really is enough to get us by 2-3 days without laundry. I wish i could have enough time to post about my cloth diapering experience. It really is a big help on our budget. Anyway so Mommy HQ decided to give thanks to the top mommies who supported them on their 2nd year by giving away 500 worth of human nature product. 😀 I saw the post before they message me but never really thought that my name was included on the list. I didn’t bother to read. So I won! Yipey! This doesn’t often happen and it just made me so happy. 😀 So thank you Mommy HQ.

1459779_782697461845493_3604337484388999036_n 20150618_110420 20150618_110503 20150618_110957


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