Dear Euan Miguel: You are Everything to Me

Hello Baby,

Wow 6 months have already passed can you believe that? It feels like I have been a mom for years. I just love you more and more each day Euan. You are growing to be a handsome and very very funny little guy. As of now I really am enjoying the times I could spend with you. Mama has to work and so I am away most of the time. Being a working mom has got to be the most hardest thing I’d ever have to do my entire life. There’s not a single moment at work that I do not think of you. I mostly play your videos and browse your picture. It’s hard for me to be away from you Euan but quitting work would mean not being able to help your father provide for a better future for you and hopefully your sibling(s). I enjoy every time that we get to spend together even it means having no time for me to even go to the bathroom. You are starting to walk now love and how you love it and i’m so proud of you. You are such a jolly baby. You have such beautiful eyes I’d like to think that you got them from me but I couldn’t be sure. You have a set of teeth too and your smile is starting to look more like you are a person instead of a baby. Sweetie pie everytime you cry because mama has to go my heart breaks a lot. Sorry if I am away all the time. When you are big enough to understand you will know that all these I am doing is for you to have a better life. I love you so much baby. Can’t wait for us to have many adventures. tata for now.

Love always,



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