Happy 6th Month Sweetie Pie

Euan turned 6 months and we are very excited because he will be starting to eat solid. We decided to introduce avocado but what we bought was not yet ripe so we switch to banana instead. We celebrated this milestone with a simple handaan. We had a cake and a whole chicken and coke. Nothing fancy because we are saving up for Euan’s vaccine next next week. Euan’s first solid food experience was fun. The first time he tasted banana he looked like he was thinking a lot about what is in his mouth. Then the second time we offer a spoon of mashed banana he would like to feed himself. I think it was after 4th time we tried to feed him that his face started to look funny. He refused to have another taste of banana. Following days with E he was already getting the hang of banana that he would protest if E is taking too much time on mashing the banana. I think we will not be having a problem with food with this little guy. 🙂

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