Euan’s Baptism

Sorry for the very late post. I’ve just been very busy lately ever since I switch to another job title. From software developer I decided to try software tester. I would probably post about it someday. For now I would like to share how we pull off Euan’s baptism with DIYing.

It took us this long to have Euan baptized. He is already 5 months old. The reason is budget and the venue and church. We really wanted EDSA shrine because it has the most options for reception venue and it’s not very hard to find so we don’t need to provide maps and directions to our guests. So when we tried to book on February most dates from March to April is no longer available. May 23 was the nearest open schedule so that’s what we decided to book. Then at first we went to book max in robinson’s galleria for 50 pax. We already paid for half of the amount around 10,300. We were really set for max until we tried to eat at city buffet. We loved that there were plenty of choices and unli drinks although compared to other buffet we have tried most of their food are just ok. We only had to pay 439 per head and you get to have 10% discount if you reach 30 heads. And so we cancelled our reservations at max and got full refund then reserved 60 heads in City buffet. Although compared to max they don’t provide decorations, cake and even souvenirs we decided that it would be better that our guests would have enough food. However it was ok to dress the area for the reception and you can even bring your own cake without corkage fee. Since we are on a tight budget we didn’t have customized cake or booked event planners. From souvenirs to decors everything had been DIYed.

So for the souvenirs we had ref magnet. I am very proud of E for making all our ref magnet. All materials are easily available. We have magnetic sheets that was ordered online, pocket size picture of Euan, and dimensional magic, a sort of glue that will give our ordinary picture a glassy effect.

20150517_145138 20150517_155128 20150517_170734

For the venue decorations we made most with art paper. Making buntings, pompoms, and pinwheels. We put everything together with the help of some friends the night before the event, before the mall closes.

20150519_084015 20150519_100312 20150519_205511 20150519_205523 20150520_202544 20150521_081823


For the cake having a customized one is pretty pricey. We would have love to order 1 but 2500 is too much for us. We decided to save the money for Euan’s first birthday cake. So we bought a simple but delicious round cake from tina’s and mom.

IMG_7709 IMG_7710 IMG_7718 IMG_7725 IMG_7732 IMG_7733 IMG_7758


For the church they didn’t require for parents to pay just a donation.

IMG_7619 IMG_7622 IMG_7632 IMG_7650 IMG_7690 IMG_7693

We would really like to thank everyone for coming. We all know that everyone has commitments and are busy but still found time to be with us that day. We are also touch for all the gifts. Thank you. We really appreciate everything.


What’s in the box?


look at all this gifts. i can’t wait to open them and eat the wrappers.

20150524_061332 20150523_173402 20150523_064602 20150523_172840 20150523_170331


look at all these nice clothes!!!


Where’s Euan


Mama can I sit here instead?

Photo credit by Aldrin Amorin.


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