Weekly Routine

Hello readers! Been a long time since I was able to visit. 😦 I tried blogging through my phone but i keep on getting interrupted. I’ve had several drafts already and had never finish any of it. Anyway I have a little time today because our boss has not come in and I just finish my task yehey! So it’s time for some me time.

I’d like to share how we get by weekly. Recently E and I have changed our schedule because it was not working for us. Since we are pretty lucky to work in a flexible schedule we were able to decide what time we go in. Since I am not a morning person my husband is the one to come in for work early so he could take care of Euan in the evening while I come in late so I could bathe, feed and prepare baby for the rest of the day. Yaya will be the one to look after baby in the afternoon. The problem with this schedule is that Euan has have a hard time sleeping because he relies on my “boobie” to go to sleep at night. While yaya can put him to sleep by rocking usually it takes very long and it is very exhausting and I needed her to be well rested for the next day. Also I wanted that while we are at home baby should be with us only. So everytime Euan wants to get his sleep he gets very cranky especially around his dad because E doesn’t know how to rock him like the way I thought his yaya. So every night he is screaming and crying until I get home. Usually I’d come home at 10 in the evening. We decided that we shift schedule. I love sleeping although these days I have less and so it was really hard for me to finally agree. A week already and goodness I feel like a zombie. But anyway below is our weekly routine:

Monday – Friday:


3:00 am – around this time Euan wakes up to ask for milk so I feed him until he goes back to sleep.

4:00am – bath, tootbrush, dress up and prepare breakfast.

4:40am – travel for work

5:40am – eat breakfast while read email

6:00am – take a short nap

6:30am – start working

7:30am – 1st pump

8:00am – work

10:30am – 2nd pump

11:00am – lunch

12:30pm – 3rd pump

2:30pm – 4th pump

3:00pm – travel home

4:30pm – home. play with euan and then prepare things for next day.

7:00pm – baby sleeps

8:00pm – I go to sleep

10:00pm – wake up to greet E and ask a little about his day at work and then go back to sleep.


7:30am – bathe baby

8:00am – play with baby

9:00am – eat breakfast

10:00am – prepare for work

10:30am – travel for work

8:00pm – travel home

10:00pm – joins bed with me and Euan


6:30am – wash cloth diaper

7:00am – clean house

7:30am – breakfast and bath

8:00am – yaya duty starts

4:00pm – wash baby bottles and pre soak cloth diaper and iron baby clothes

7:00pm – dinner

8:00pm – sleep


We let our yaya have her day off right after we are done with our grocery. I look after baby while my husband do our laundry and clean the house. Then E looks after baby when I have to cook for our whole week’s worth of meal. We just refrigerate them and reheat.

I am amazed at how very responsible my husband and i have become. The amount of sacrifices you would give to your child is boundless. So this is what being a parent is. If i could do things over again i wouldn’t trade this life for the carefree life i had before. Despite the hardship of becoming a parent i would still want this.


My baby doing tummy time with me


papa and euan


He loves strolling around the village


My view early at work. No traffic!


mama and baby cuddling


he loves his bath now


Bed time story!



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