Dear Euan Miguel: I Miss You

Hello Love,

I survived my first week at work. It was not easy mind you. My second day I cried in public because I just missed you so much and I was having anxiety attacks. I couldn’t concentrate at work and it doesn’t help that I got tons of things to do already. I was just so stressed because I feel like a new hire, i was completely lost at work.

Leaving you was the most painful thing that I had to encounter in my life so far. I wanted to quit work and be with you and be the one to take care of you but then we know that really is not an option baby. I was also getting jealous of your yaya because she gets to spend more time with you. I’m sorry for being so possessive. It’s just you have been with me for 9 months, you were a part of me that long. Then for 2 months I took care of you. We were inseparable for that long and I was just getting adjusted to the not having you beside me the whole day. I hope you understand why I felt all those horrible things toward your yaya.

You are now 2 months old and boy you are a smart baby. When you are being talked to and when you are in a good mood you would try to talk back in your baby language. You have the most adorable smile love. Gosh how my heart melts everytime your face lights up when your dad and I talks to you. Did you know that today you tried tummy time by yourself. I was preparing for work that I had to leave you for a while but when i got back to check on you, you were already lying on your belly. Too bad your dad was not there to see it! I took a picture of it but with my phone that it doesn’t really look clear. I wish I could have reach for a decent camera but I was just too stunned to see you pull that stunt. Oh how you amaze me Love.

Sorry that I had to get home really late baby. 😦 I had no choice I work really far. I try to spend more time with you in the morning hoping to make up for the time that I am not with you but I know it is not enough. I love giving you baths baby. You enjoy having it so much that you would always flash your toothless smile.

Thank you baby for making me so happy. I really love you and miss you so much. I never get tired of looking at your pictures. Got to back to work baby. Mommy needs to stay focus. Hold you tonight.




Look how strong and brave you are to try tummy time on your own. 🙂


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