Dear Euan Miguel: Going Back to Work

Hello love,

I’m so proud at how big you are now. You are such a cute baby love. We just celebrated your second month and you really make us so happy. By now you can already smile back to us and you baby talk. It’s been fun baby. You love to be outside baby that if we don’t oblige you would start screaming. But don’t worry baby I am not upset with you. I know that crying is your only way of communicating with us. It’s just I worry of you if you start to cry too much. Sometimes I feel like you hate me because it is with me that you cry the most. I worry that from crying you might get sick. I wish I could understand everything that you are trying to tell us. You know how much I would do anything for you baby, anything that is good for you.

Baby my heart is aching right now because I am practicing not being with you and so I have been ignoring you lately so that you would get use to your yayas presence. I wish I could be the one to take care of you baby but mommy needs to go back to work. Quitting my job is not really an option right now. Your daddy and I needs to be working for you to have a better future. Oh how I imagine you growing up to be a smart and good person love. Know that your dad and I always think of you when we are away. Like this one time we left you with yaya for the first time because of our annual dental appointment. I couldn’t stop looking at your pictures till my phone ran out of battery. I couldn’t stop calling yaya too to check on you.

Baby when I’m away please don’t think that I don’t care for you. 😦 I would rather be with you promise. I will do everything I can to make up for the time that I am not with you.





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