Birthing Story: Part 1

Thank goodness i now have help at least i have little time to spend for myself lately. It is nice not to worry about how messy the apartment is. Hopefully i could post about my yaya in a next post.

Ok so i’ll try to recall the day where Euan was really about to come out. I’ll have to go back on Dec. 1 last year. We never had any idea something is about to happen that day. We went to bed late previous night and so I missed our morning walk because we woke up 10am already. E went to work and i was still in bed. I decided to finally have a trip to the bathroom when i notice a dark brown spot on my underwear. I know that something is definitely up although i didn’t feel anything odd that day. I PANICKED and started calling my husband because i honestly thought i will be giving birth that day. My doctor asked us to see her in her clinic in the afternoon. And so afternoon came and we were already at our doctor’s clinic when she performed non stress test. We were advised to go home after because i only had 2 mild contractions within 30 minutes i was being monitored. She then performed ie on me before we left but she was surprise that she could no longer touch baby’s head. She had to perform ultrasound on me and then found out that our baby turned transverse. She told us that it would be impossible for a baby in transverse lie position to turn within days and anytime now i will be giving birth. She said i had to undergo cs as soon as possible before i go into labor. How soon was she talking about?! The next day right away! I felt my whole body weaken because i never want to be cut open. I’ve done everything i can to avoid that. She was giving me instructions on what to do but i was so out i don’t hear anything she says. And so i asked her if she could give us another day to give baby a chance to turn. She was not up to our decision but we really insist that we at least try. So wednesday she scheduled us to see her again and have our things prepared already because there is a slim chance that the baby will turn. So i did what we could only do, turn to google for help. There were plenty of tips and we chose those that are readily available for us. We first tried putting ice pack on the area where baby’s head is and then flash light below my tummy and ate sweets so he would hopefully become active.

I woke up to a very painful abdomen. It feels like my first day of mens kind of pain but then it would go right away and would be back hours after so i didn’t mind. 5am and we started to walk around the village hoping to move baby in the right position if last nights attempt had not work. After that E went to work early and so i cleaned the house. I was afraid that if i sit or lay down baby would move so i made sure i was on my feet most of the time. Afternoon came and my doctor texted me to check if i was having contraction and she was worried that i might give birth that day and if it would be possible that i proceed with the procedure that day. I told her i would just inform her if anything comes up and we are still waiting till wednesday. Then i informed her about the abdominal pain i experienced early morning. I thought i was just having hyper acidity because it worsen when i drank calamsi juice. Her exact words i remember was “dear you are already in labor!”. She then ask me to go to the hospital so she could check baby’s position. Since E was at work and it was already 5pm it would be difficult for me to travel in a rush hour so she advised me to bring only what i can bring. E and i agreed to meet in the hospital. I had to walk 10 mins from our village by myself because at that time there is no tricycle roaming around. Finding a taxi was even more difficult to find but thank goodness i was still able to get to the hospital.

I was sent to the emergency room and since my doctor has not arrived yet another doctor ie me then we were all surprise that the baby turned to cephalic position. My doctor couldn’t believe it so she asked another doctor to check me and it was the same as the first doctor. I have never felt so relieved my entire life! 🙂

To be continued…


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