Dear Euan Miguel: Love at first sight

Hello Love,

I’ve been meaning to write you this entry since the day I first laid eyes on you. But being a first time mom and having new responsibilities can be a lot to take so I had to make plenty of adjustments.

Baby I never thought I’d feel the way I felt the first time I heard you cry, saw your face and held you in my arms. Everytime I think about the day of your birth, the day that it finally sinked into me that I am really a mom now, would always make me teary eyed. Not sure if hormones has to do with this though. Baby you were so small, so fragile and I realize that I was scared that I might not be able to take care of you very well that I might not be enough but I was also overflowing with so much love that I swore to myself that I would do anything for you, that I have to be brave from now on. You have changed me baby. I was always terrified of babies to be honest love. I was afraid of their scream, of their being so delicate, of their poop… But love the first night you came home with us I forgot all about my fears. I couldn’t stop looking at you and no matter how exhausted I was I could just stay up all night and stare at you and imagine you growing up with a better future. Oh how i dream you grow up to be good person and free to do whatever your heart’s desire. I just couldn’t believe that you came from me and how beautiful you are.

Now 2 weeks have passed you’ve grown bigger really fast. I can’t help but feel proud and at the same time sad because I can finally relate to what every parent keeps saying to their child “don’t grow up too fast.”. 2 weeks seems to gone by like a blink of an eye. How you’ve made time speed by. I love you Euan Miguel.


Me giving you sponge bath. Some days you love it and most days you hate it.


Look how tiny your legs are.


Oh how you love being held by you daddy.


@ 2 weeks old already looking grown up.


I love you baby!


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