Still Here!

Nope i’ve haven’t given birth yet. I’m now on my 38th week and had an ie (not something i look forward to now every check up) and i’m 1 cm dilated. The doctor couldn’t really say if i’m close to delivering baby euan this week because every pregnancy is different. Most probably i’ll be giving birth next week. I’m doing my best these past days to induce labor naturally. I ate pineapple, papaya, curry, and then walk morning and night with my husband. I really want Euan out already because 1 i want to hold and kiss him, he is not that big yet so it lowers risk for cs, and lastly is i just want to stop swelling already.

Our hospital bag has been packed already although i wish my husband would have let me done it. But because he won’t let me lift a finger i just have to hope that we’ve not forgotten anything. I did gave him a list of what to bring to the hospital and next thing i knew he’s done packing. I’m completely concerned at how everything is packed. I do appreciate that he is doing this for me.

So far everything is already set for Euan’s coming. I am one anxious but excited mom to be. Never thought that waiting could slow time down. I’ve been on leave for almost two weeks now but it feels like i’ve been away from work for a year and i have been pregnant forever. Hoping that everything will be ok.


Crib, stroller, and walker from kuya Ervin and Ate Verone.

image image image

PS: we really are thankful for kuya ervin (E’s brother) and his wife ate verone for the crib, stroller and a walker. We were not really planning on purchasing a crib because we were out of budget and we were just surprise that all the way from Qatar they brought all those baby stuff for us. Thank you so much.


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