I’ve finally understand what it is to be nesting. For the past weeks I have been really not feeling well as mentioned on my previous post. I’ve had fatigue and lots and lots of aches all over my body but just this two weekends I was suddenly hit by a sudden burst of energy and spent most of my weekends cleaning and organizing our apartment and this is without my husband knowing. I was able to this despite an injured hand. I took advantage of these two weekends that E is busy, when has to leave me by myself at home. As you know E would never allow me to lift a finger to do house chores. He have spoiled me a lot. As much as I appreciate what E does for me and baby I know that he can’t manage everything by himself. He does the laundry, cooks, and clean and while yes he does this pretty well there are still ways that I would prefer for him to do these. I could never ever tell him how I would do things my way because I know how hard it is already for him to juggle everything and as much as possible I wanted to show him how I really appreciate everything he does. And so for the two weekends I was alone by myself I organized everything in our drawer to make more room for our other stuff. We’ve been really having a problem with space because we are just renting a small apartment. And now that we’ll have a baby and a yaya we’ll be needing more room to accommodate their stuff while we wait for the day that we could move in to our house.

E’s weakness is having to do with organizing things. He does not have the patience to sit for too long just to organize and this includes arranging our clothes and grocery bags… anything that has to do with arranging he just don’t have the energy. So for the months that I have been banned to do anything our grocery bags has accumulated 3 boxes taking away one huge space in our cabinet, our clothes are so disorganized, and we have so many craft materials from our wedding that is just stuffed in different boxes. So the moment E got of the house I went right away to cleaning.


Despite having a problem with my right arm I manage clean up our drawers.


All the grocery bags and eco bags that have taking up a huge space in our cabinet.


From 3 boxes occupying this whole space of our cabinet to these 4 storage boxes.

It took me whole day to organize our grocery bags. I have made sure to fold our plastic bags and store them in boxes that I have labeled on. One for eco bags, loot bags or cute bags, big plastic bags and small plastic bags. And the outcome is more cabinet space. The new 4 storage boxes only occupied 1/4 of the space used before. My husband when he got home he was really shocked that I did all those and I was afraid he’d be upset. I’m glad that he didn’t and was very appreciative of my effort although he told me not to ever stress myself.

Well I didn’t listen to my husband. The next time he left me alone I prep all of Euan’s cloth diaper and washed his clothes and beddings then I organized our closet. This I got to admit really was a bad idea. I think I over did it this time because at the end of the day my arm felt like it was about to fall out and that evening I had a fever. It’s just once I started with the cleaning I couldn’t stop. I was not able to take pictures of the before and after of our closet because i was just too preoccupied with the whole crazy cleaning. I was however able to take picture of our cloth diaper stash before prepping them. We all got 27 cloth diaper in our stash. 🙂 Also got a picture of all of Euan’s clothes, blankets and swaddle and etc…



Anyway when E got home I was already lying on our sofa looking all sick and exhausted and he was like “what have you been doing?!”. I don’t think he’ll leave me home alone ever. We’ll be posting more pics as soon as we are done with the whole preparation. So far here are what we’ve accomplished:

1. Cloth Diaper Prepping

2. Shop for Euan’s Clothes

3. Wash Euan’s Clothes

4. Buy drawer for Euan’s Stuff

5. Prepare documents for the hospital before taking leave

6. Getting the apartment ready for Christmas

Things that we still need to accomplish:

1. Finish packing our hospital bag

2. Decorate Euan’s space (since he is sharing a room with us)

3. Shop for Euan’s first stuffed toy

4.  Christmas shopping for our family

Well that’s all for now i guess. Nothing much to post about my health since Euan and I are doing great. Our last check up he is in correct position already and he has been moving very much these past weeks. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and at 34 weeks I have experience leaking on my breast. I am still going to work although i feel that I should be starting to take my leave because my feet is all swollen and I now walk like a penguin. The long travel is making it even more harder for me. But I still have things to finish at work so hopefully I’d be able to complete them. More update as soon as I can.


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