Saying Yes to Cloth Diaper

We’ve finally decided on cloth diapering. At first E was really not up to it since he is used to changing disposable diaper with his nephews but after convincing him about the amount of garbage we will be contributing to our landfill he finally gave in. I also told him about the savings we’ll be able to get from choosing CD over DD. After that he’s sold. I am new to diapering. I’ve never even tried changing a diaper ever so when I heard about cloth diapers I was really at first intimidate especially because there seem to be plenty to be familiar with then there are also a lot of my mommy friends who keeps discouraging me about CD. They tell me I’ve no idea as to how difficult it is to take care of a baby and CD would only be too much to handle for a first time mom. To be honest I almost agreed with them and decided to not pursue with CD but then my conscience won’t let me. So didn’t gave in to what everyone tells me and instead did a lot of research. I also joined a group in facebook, Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays, promoting cloth diapering and it really helped me a lot. I got the support and encouragement I needed. 3 months ago I started to build my stash. I didn’t want to make use of Euan’s funds so I made sure to get the money from my monthly allowance. I gave up buying books for now. Mostly I’ve bought online because it is a lot cheaper. My first cloth diaper was bought at a bazaar and at that time I’ve no idea if this brand is ok. I immediately bought 3 pocket diapers and the brand is baby leaf. Right now we have about 20 cloth diapers in our stash which composed of pocket diapers, covers only, fitted, all in one, flats and even a new born size pocket diaper. I’m still planing on buying a all in two. So far the brands I have are cluebebe, alva awesome, alva newborn, baby wizard, baby leaf, baby chic and dandy nappy. I’ll probably stop when we reach 25-30 then I’ll post a picture of our stash.

So far here are the links to where I’ve bought my CDs:

Thrifty Mama Shoppe –

Mommy HQ –

Baby Chic Boutique –

So far those three sites have given me a smooth transaction. I am one satisfied customer. There are still 2 sites that I will be trying next month since I’ve already spent my budget this month.

Earth Baby –

Snappy Nappy Cloth Diapers –

I have a few pictures of the CDs I bought online.


Baby Leaf my very first buy.


Alva Awesome and Baby Wizard from Thrifty Mama Shoppe

I got to admit that shopping for cloth diaper can be addicting. If I have the budget I would have probably bought everything that I like. Good thing I’d only have 1,500 budget per month so I really put a lot of thought on the CDs I plan to buy. I also take advantage of sales and have to read about the reviews before making a purchase. It really helped a lot that I a specific budget so I won’t be over spending and have to settle on the not so expensive brands. There’s just so many cute designs out there and it is like kryptonite to women.

On a different topic not related to diapers I’ve got to post what E bought for Euan. My heart melted when he bought him these:


E’s gift for Euan

E reads this to Euan and I just love love love watching him doing that. I just know he’ll make a great father and so proud of him. Anyway excited to post my whole CD stash.


One thought on “Saying Yes to Cloth Diaper

  1. Cloth diapers are wonderful. I made the switch when my son was 3 months old and the extra laundry doesn’t bother me at all.

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