Feeling Reminiscent: Our Very First Date

Having just browse through E’s album on facebook I can’t help but miss the old times when we still have the budget and time to travel. Ever since I got pregnant we’ve haven’t traveled anywhere since we are saving up and doctor have advised me to take it easy for a while.

To be honest between us two I am the frugal one and if I haven’t met E I probably won’t be able to experience those beautiful places we’ve been together. Although I have been active in mountaineering I only go to places that doesn’t require spending a months worth of allowance. I really am thankful for E for pushing me to come out of my shell and let me have a YOLO experience. Of course because I am frugal I usually spend a lot of time researching about cheap accommodations and fare. I plot our itineraries ahead of time so we know how much we would be spending.

I wish I had more time to write about our adventures together. Perhaps I’ll start now. It is good to have something to look back to. For now I’ll start with our very first date. E and I started our relationship long distance, I was in Cebu while he is here in Manila. It was the first time that he visited me in Cebu and we only have 2 days to spend our first date together. I invited him to climb with me to my favorite Mt. Babag for our first day and then he invited me to Moalboal which I’ve haven’t been to.


This is what I look like on our first date. No make up. Not getting dressed up.

Mr. E

Meet Mr. E

breaktime Breaktime2 bythestream happy


Made it to the top! 🙂

For Mt. Babag we didn’t really spent much. A jeepney ride and tricycle ride and pack lunch. I don’t think we spent over 300 pesos. I have been to Babag countless of times already but still no matter what I still love going back there. You get to see the view of Cebu City once you reach the top. A pretty sight and definitely worth all the sweat and muscle ache.

We started climbing at 7am and arrived at the top at around 12 noon. We immediately got packed to go to Moalboal. We left the city at around 2pm and arrived in Moalboal at 7pm. We didn’t rest at all and by the time we arrived in our accommodation we were already asleep so the next morning we were only get to go swimming by the beach. We had our breakfast by the beach and then decided that we keep our stay there till noon so that we could go back to the city before his flight back to Manila. Our first date was like that of an amazing race. We were in such a hurry to make our 2 days date worth it.

To me the place was just ok. Although I’ve haven’t been much around beaches at this time of my life but compared to the ones that I’ve been to the place does not strike as something I would go back to. I don’t even know which part of Moalboal we stayed but I’m sure there were other resorts nearby that were a lot nicer compared to where we were staying. I wish we had more time to roam around.

happy2 love love2 sexypa sunrise

After Moalboal we still have time to spare before his flight back to Manila so we were able to have dinner and watch a movie. I remember not wanting him to go but we both know that he has to go back for work and I have to stay. I didn’t want to go back to being in a long distance relationship again. I had the most memorable first date ever and it always brings a huge smile on my face every time I see our pictures. After that he arranged a flight for me to go to Manila 3 months after our first date. What was supposed to be a 3 days 2nd date became our together forever. I was never able to used my return ticket to Cebu. 2 years after our first date we are now married.

Sure now life has been different. Definitely we are no longer the same as seen on the pictures from 4 years ago. We may no longer get to travel much like we used to and might not even be able to go to our to go to places in our shared bucket list but I rather want the life we have now if I were to choose. We may not have a much carefree day anymore but I love that I get to build a life with this awesome guy. And now we are expecting our first baby nothing could be more better than this.


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