Goodbye 2nd Trimester

I am now on my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and how fast time passes by lately. I am now sporting a huge belly which up until now still amazes me, how a little human being is moving around and having my belly as a temporary home. Honestly 30+ lbs weight gain scares me still. It feels like it is too much for just a 7 months span of time. But as much as possible I don’t let this get me down. I just stay away from mirrors, pictures and weighing scale. If I am on a diet now it is only because the doctor have advised me to take it easy on non healthy food that means less sweet treats and food rich in carbs for myself and Euan.

My normal clothes no longer fits me that is why I had no choice but to buy a few maternity clothes. I didn’t buy those expensive ones. Sometimes I would buy huge blouses not necessarily for pregnancy just something that could accommodate my belly and it would only cost me 100 each. I bought 1 maternity jeans and 2 leggings and that’s it. I have been very frugal when it comes to buying clothes that I may never be able to wear after I give birth. Also my feet now has increased in size. 😦 So far I only have 1 pair of close shoes that fits me now. I had to buy one because there are just days my feet gets really swollen and it bothers me when someone notices them and would give my feet a weird look. Sometimes when my feet looks not so swollen I’d wear a sandal. I just miss wearing my sneakers and my favorite shirt. I really do hope that I would go back to my normal size once I give birth.

Aside from swollen feet my hands have also joined in that removing my wedding ring is now difficult. At night I couldn’t close and open them. I also get frequent leg cramps.

Sleeping has become a challenge also because Euan moves a lot when I try to sleep on either side. Sometimes sleeping on my back works but it’s not really my comfortable sleeping position. And when I do get to sleep I would have to wake up soon to go to that bathroom to pee.

So far that’s just about most of what I feel during 2nd trimester. Although I’ve read that what I am having now won’t go away on 3rd trimester I know that it will be over soon and all that I am going through will all be forgotten and what I will be having in exchange is worth every sacrifices and pain.

Being pregnant is sure a lot of work but I am loving the experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything not even the not so good ones. Anyway more updates to come. We are just so excited. Almost there now. 🙂

2nd tri


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