Congenital Anomaly Scan

It was a last minute decision that we go through a congenital anomaly scan. For weeks we’ve been calling clinics about the prices for the CAS. For us it was a bit pricey. It was around 2,500 – 2,700 in 2d if we opted to have it near our place. Then there is this other clinic in Sta. Mesa a top health clinic it was called that offered affordable packages at around 1,500 – 2,000 and it is already in 3d. We’ve tried calling but of no avail until we found out that they’ve already closed but there’s another branch in San Lazaro but it’s just way too far already. So we finally gave up and thought of not having the scan since our doctor didn’t really recommend it. But ever since i found out i was pregnant i’ve already been doing a lot of research and reading a lot of stories related to pregnancy and i can’t help but feel a bit paranoid. I know i shouldn’t be thinking of negative things but i just want to be prepared. When we finally said that we are just going to wait till the baby comes i couldn’t stop thinking of possibilities and how much guilty i would feel if there could have been anything we could have done should we know if there is a problem. So i became restless since it will be the last week we will be qualified to a CAS. Beyond week 27 and most of baby’s internal organ would be difficult to see. Comes wednesday and i called two of the nearest ultrasound clinic in our area which also has good feedback on them. We chose between In My Womb in megamall and W.O.M.B in podium. In My Womb costs 2700 for 2d and 3700 for 3d. W.O.M.B cost the same for 2d but only cost 3k for 3d. I didn’t want to spend on 3d/4d ultrasound but since it would only cost an additional 300 to go 3d in W.O.M.B we decided to schedule an appointment there on Saturday.

Our experience with W.O.M.B was such a breeze. We got there an hour early and we went out for a while and treat myself with fruit shake and some sweet bread. I thought this would make baby move a lot later. So we finally came back to the clinic and we didn’t have to wait for our turn. Everyone was so nice and we already felt comfortable and relaxed. Inside the there was this huge tv for my husband to clearly see our baby’s image. At that time i was having a lot of feelings. Excited, nervous, anxious, happy… Then for the first time I saw Euan’s face. I couldn’t believe i was seeing his lips, nose, eyes, his face. He really look very cute. He was sleeping the whole time and was frowning whenever the doctor tries to wake him up. It was just the most amazing feeling seeing your baby for the first time. I love everything about him. He did some funny stuff inside my belly. He has his foot over his face that the doctor was having a hard time taking a decent shot of his face. He was scratching his neck and we found out he already have some hair. Then we saw him peed! It’s the funniest thing i have ever seen. Then for the CAS we get to see the 4 chambers of his heart and it is on excellent condition and so as his other internal organs. The doctor did a terrific job explaining everything to us and it was just a relief that not a single problem was found. A huge weight removed off my shoulder. Then we proceeded to other parts of his body like his legs, arms, back… We also get to count his fingers too although it was quite a challenge. Euan is perfect! I didn’t want for the session to end and 40 mins seems to feel like a minute only. I could stay there watching Euan. If only we are rich i’d be having 3d scan everyday! I’ll buy the whole machine if i could. But then i have to just be content with the pictures that we were able to take home, 5 colored and 5 black and white. We also had our full CAS report. It has been a day already and i couldn’t stop looking at Euan’s picture. I even had 2 of them framed. I am just excited for our baby! 🙂

To be honest for practicality sake I wouldn’t go through CAS much more in 3d. We’ve been really trying to save up for our little one and for our house so it was such a difficult decision to make to shell out that kind of amount of money especially when our doctor have already told us that we don’t need it. But I couldn’t rest until I know that our baby is okay. For me as it was a money well spent. Not only have my mind been put at ease but experiencing such a rare moment of seeing your little one in 3d for the first time is priceless. I was also happy to see my husband’s expression when he first saw our Euan. I love how happy my husband is when we talk about those 40 mins moment, a moment I will treasure forever. So yes if I could turn back time I’d do it over again. 🙂


Everything is ok! 🙂


One healthy baby!






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