He or She Open to See

It was 5 weeks ago when we already found out what we are having, a boy or a girl. I didn’t get to blog about it anymore since I have been really busy. Of all the time I’d become busy it has to be when I’m pregnant. 😦 Anyway I shouldn’t be complaining because my job is important in helping with E in our finances. I should really start to step up and come out of my shell. It has been almost 4 years and no promotion yet. I am partly to blame because I really don’t say much or contribute during meetings. I always just go on my corner and be invisible. Back to the main topic. Well we had our gender revelation made special. During our appointment with our doctor, Doctor Papa, we asked her if she could not tell us yet and had her choose from two papers with Euna Meg for girl on one and the other Euan Miguel for boy. Whatever the result our giddy doctor will have to place the name of our baby in an envelope then we had that name written in a cake which was also a tricky part because E and I were the one buying it and so we have instructions for the person in charge so it will be kept a secret from us. We went to Antipolo with the cake and some pizzas so that we could share the surprise with E’s family. We had so much fun and everyone was rooting for boy except for me and E’s niece. There was cheering once we started opening the box and everyone was just so happy when we found out that the cake has EUAN MIGUEL in it. So yes we are having a BOY. I have never seen E so happy. He has been hoping for a boy and even came up with Euan days after finding out we are pregnant. I am happy too although I was hoping for a girl to be honest but I know that I’ll love our baby whether it turns out to be a boy or girl.






We did some shopping already after finding out. We were advised against buying new stuff because we were promised hand-me-downs from E’s nephews but I just couldn’t help but buy a few for Euan. I bought something for him to wear on his first day outside my belly. I’ll post some pics soon. We’ve finally decided on cloth diapering our baby after watching few videos on Youtube. It can be intimidating but I find a lot of benefits with cloth diaper. I already bought 3 and will buy more online. πŸ™‚ Also made progress on finding a Yaya. My mama referred her to us and she has worked with us since I was a baby myself. She’s still strong despite being on her 50s. She still does laundry for my parents until now. I really like her and I’d feel very comfortable if she would look after our baby. Still keeping my fingers crossed that she don’t change her mind.

I am now at my 6th month and I look very swollen and my weight has skyrocketed. Goodness! from 122lbs at week 5 to 148 lbs now! I had no choice but to buy maternity clothes and new bras. My feet to have gotten bigger. It now hurts my feet when I wear my old shoes. I still haven’t bought new shoes yet but I feel like any time soon I’ll visiting the shoe department. And then I am having the worst leg cramps ever! One time it was so painful that I cried. My hyper acidity has also joined in then fun along with heart burn attacks.

While there may be a lot of bad stuff that I am dealing with being pregnant I also have a lot of the good stuff. I can now feel Euan kick. Oh can he kick. One time he kicked E’s face while he was smothering my belly with kisses. I love it when E gets to feel Euan already. I love it when E reads Euan stories and then he would play the Ukulele and even learned new songs. I just can’t wait for them to bond. πŸ™‚

Anyway this post is quite long already. More update if I get a chance then.


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