Mom in Training

This past months have been really overwhelming for me. I’ve been doing a lot of research about what we need to prepare before the baby comes. There are a lot of things that I have never heard of before. It is really a lot to take in which really made me sleepless sometimes. I could spend the whole night thinking about nanny, diapers, breastfeeding, labor and a lot more. I never thought that there are plenty of things that we really need to know about. It’s just E and I at home. Just the two of us. Unlike most of our married couple friends we know they have their parents or in laws to help them with the baby. Most of the time we get to be told that it will never be easy for us. I’m scared but I know that we really have to make this work. Although one of us quitting our job is really not an option considering the expenses and responsibilities we have at hand (house, saving for baby’s education…). We will have to make it work and I know I have to toughen up and not let other people’s words discourage me. E has really been very supportive and all hands on with this whole preparation. I’m glad I have him and he make sure that I don’t think too much and worry.


This month really not much has happened. It has been a month since our last visit to our OB and this weekend will be our next appointment. I miss seeing our little panda and hearing his heartbeat. I hope he is doing okay. So far this are what we have decided on what we are going to do.



E and I have already asked both our parents from our respective provinces if there is anyone we could hire as a nanny. So far my mom has recommended the person who also took care of me when I was a still a baby. She’ll try to go to their village if she could still work for me since one of her daughter has already settled in manila. Still waiting for some news. E has also has not heard from the people he asked about possible yayas. Still we are keeping ourselves hopeful.


E and I also need to adjust our working schedule so that we won’t have to leave our baby for too long with the yaya. I could go to work early so I could also go home early and E could go to work late. We still need to agree on this and since we both have flexible schedule it won’t really be a problem.



I am definitely all for breastfeeding. So I am planning on attending breastfeeding classes to learn on proper way to feed our baby. Also I’ve done some research on breast pumps and feeding bottles so by the time I would be going back to work I can leave little panda with expressed milk. I was a bit overwhelmed with the price of all this item. I have asked E about it and he said he could ask his aunt from the US if she could help us with the shipping of the items that we could buy there since the price really is a lot cheaper.


Baby stuff

As for now since we really don’t know yet the sex of our baby we have not purchased any item but we have done some window shopping though. We are just taking not of the things we love. Hopefully next month we’ll know. 🙂


Cloth Diaper vs Disposable Diaper

I’ve just heard about cloth diaper and thinking of considering this. But still need to weigh things first yet. I’ll have to read more about the benefits and the disadvantages.


For now that’s just about the list I could mention. There are lot in my head right now but it’s all chaos for now I can’t seem to organize them into writing. Anyway looking forward to my check up in 3 days. 🙂


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