Goodbye 1st Trimester Hello 2nd Trimester

Finally I’m at week 14! Gone are my pregnancy fatigue, nausea, and food aversions. I am feeling really energetic today that I woke up at 5am and prepared breakfast and got in to work very early. 3 hours earlier than my usual time in. As much I’d like to document my weekly experience in this whole pregnancy I unfortunately don’t have enough time at home and if I did have time I lack internet connection. So it’s only on not so busy days at work am I able to update my blog. This is me giving a recap if I can still remember my detailed experience on my 1st trimester. Below is a shot of my belly from week 5 until week 13. If you can see some of my belly shots are bigger on the previous days. I should have never taken pictures when I am full. Some days I take the pictures in the morning before I even have my breakfast but definitely on week 13 compared to week 5 I am already growing.


If you can remember on my previous blog I was not having such a good 1st trimester because of the hemorrhage found on my uterus but thank goodness it finally got resolved as I entered 2nd trimester. I spent a lot sleepless nights worrying about our little panda. The moment we saw for the first time our little one dancing at week 9 everything just started to sink in that our little panda is really in my belly, growing. I may not feel him yet but seeing him so active I finally was able able to really accept that I really am going to become a mom. E also is very excited and he is really sweet buying already a book for little panda and downloading classical music.


1st Trimester Summary

Craving: Avocado, Ripe Mango, Siopao, Siomai with hot souce, Pizza, and Bacon

Clothes: I can still wear most of my lose top but some of my blouse I have a hard time closing on my chest part. My pants can no longer be fully zipped and buttoned so in the mean time I’m using the famous rubber band trick. Every payday though I’d make it a point to buy at least some maternity clothes in preparation for my growing belly. I’m picking up clothes that I can still wear when I’m no longer pregnant.

Feelings: Constantly tired and sleepy and emotional. Yes I got so emotional these past days that I easily cry at the silliest of things. The worst thing that I’ve cried for is over an instant pancit canton. E is very strict when it comes to the food I eat and so no matter how much I crave for something if it is not healthy he will not have a bite. I was really craving for the pancit canton and he won’t allow me to have one and so I cried because I just wanted it so bad. Well E don’t really have a say when the water works already. He eventually gave in.

I have also been having pain on my groin part but the doctor says it is normal as my uterus is growing stretching some parts in pelvis area. I got nauseated a lot too but never really got to the point of throwing up. I find eating sky flakes and chewing on candy helpful.

Also I have been constipated and been bloated most of the time. I even think most of my weight gain had been cause by this.

Best Things: Since I have hemorrhage we get to see little 5 times already. Windows shopping on baby stuff.

Not So Good Things: Well I completely gave up on coffee and softdrinks and I missed them. It gave me energy for work and now I just got to get use to not having my daily dose of caffeine. I try to get some nap at work if I can’t really take it anymore.

Weight Gained: 7 lbs. I shouldn’t really be weighing myself but I have no choice. Every time I go to the doctor I was always weighed in. I even try not to look at the numbers but then the doctor brought it up.



2 thoughts on “Goodbye 1st Trimester Hello 2nd Trimester

  1. Congrats on your pregnancy & second trimester! … I have a photo series I’m taking a bit like this, it’s really great to do & for me from 20 weeks onwards I really noticed the difference every week! The body is amazing …
    Good luck & good health for your pregnancy.

    • hello milly,

      thanks for dropping by. i’m finally noticing some difference this week. 🙂 i was worried at first because i appear to have smaller bump compared to my friends. it is really nice to see the changes though sometimes i get a bit lazy changing attire for the picturial. 🙂

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