1st Trimester

It’s almost the end of 1st trimester and I’m finally feeling better. The past weeks have been very difficult for me. 4 weeks I had to stay at home because of the hemorrhage. And when finally the hemorrhage is completely gone I still have to be extra careful. I have to take it easy with going up and down the stairs considering that our apartment is on the 3rd floor and no we don’t have an elevator. There is this also problem with the humps in our area. Going out and in of the village you have to at least pass by 30 humps via tricycle. Most of the time tricycles really don’t slow down I end up bumping my behind a lot. Just last week I had the hardest bump ever and I started to have some spotting again. I was again told to be on bedrest. But I can no longer afford to stay at home. Next week I’ll have my 5th ultrasound to check if I could still be having hemorrhage. While most pregnant women only get to have 1 or 2 ultrasound during their entire pregnancy I get to have five on just my first trimester. Although it is pretty costly we don’t mind at all. We love seeing our baby and his progress (we’d like to think he is a boy but even though he turns out to be a girl we’d love her the same.).

I’m excited to start 2nd trimester. They say that it is the best stage of pregnancy. You’ll lose nausea, fatigue, and you’re energy is back. Also miscarriage at this stage is not common. I am feeling a lot better now on my week 12 tomorrow i’ll be on week 13. 🙂 I no longer feel like throwing up anymore, I don’t feel sleepy that much anymore, I don’t feel tired easily now and I’m starting to see a baby bump. 🙂 I’m really excited to feel our baby’s kick. Knowing that he is active in their I’d pretty much be less worry already. I’ve haven’t bought much maternity clothes yet. I can still wear my jeans although i’m no longer able to close it. I’ve gain 7 lbs! From 122 lbs at week 5 I became 129 at week 12. Scary increase of number but then I have convinced myself that this is normal and that I should be more concern with the baby than with myself. I’ll worry about losing weight on the right time. Right now the baby is what I should be thinking about.

E has been really supportive and great the whole time. He buys me lots of fruits and does the cooking and washing the dishes and most of our combined chores. I love that he talks to my tummy. I love that he takes time to sing for our baby. I’ve never seen that side of him, the playful and childlike part. Even though our baby is not yet responding he never gets tired of playing with my tummy. Makes me love him even more. I bet he’ll make a great dad.

More updates soon. 🙂 Hopefully to hear good news on our ultrasound this weekend.


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