M + E Welcoming 2014

Hello! I’m sorry I had been away for a very very long time. I remember mentioning I’d be updating this blog but there is nothing really big happening with our life so far. We are working on our first project together, our very own house, which is really exhausting our budget so we’ve sacrifice traveling and spending things that are not really important for now. I never thought that I would miss the outdoors this much. The last time E and I had been out traveling was I think Palawan and I’ve haven’t even posted about them here yet. We started paying for our house November so even our 13th month pay we never got to enjoy. Also as newly weds we also need things for the apartment like kitchen stuff and a whole lot of other things we need daily. There’s this debt we also need to pay hopefully before 3rd quarter of this year starts we’d be finish paying them up and we would start our debt free lifestyle.

It has been a challenge really. Budgeting our money, sacrificing our travel dates, no shopping, finding cheap hobbies. This is both huge responsibility for the two of us. E and I have been spending our days at home just to avoid unnecessary spending. If we do go out we make sure we never spend more than a 1000 pesos.  But I really do enjoy the times we spend together even though most of it are now spend indoors. We read books, watch movies and tv series, play the guitar and ukulele and sing, cook and eat, drink beer, play board games, drink tea and rearrange our things every now and then in the apartment. I mean anything we do is fun as long as we are together.

Puzzle with 1000 pieces. Sore neck after 2 days!

Reading books and then having tea.

Poker with buttons as chips.

Beer and Live Band.

Romantic Dinner at Home.

Free light show at Ayala Triangle.

By the way we spent our first Christmas together at home just us two and it was really fun because we had a special dinner with candles outside our terrace. It was a perfect way to celebrate our first Christmas! We didn’t have anything fancy just that romantic night was more than enough. 🙂

Our very first Christmas as husband and wife.

I know that it’s not going to be easy for the next few months but I know that we’ll both manage. I have tons of expectation for this year. I’m excited for this year. Soon we will also be celebrating our first wedding anniversary then we’ll both be celebrating our 30th birthda this year. We are hoping for a postive year. 🙂


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