How’s Married Life?

I’ve haven’t been to this page for such a long time now. A lot has happened at work and I’ve been busy lately. I’m surprise to see that we have made quite a number of viewers on our page. I hope we’ve helped those who are planning their weddings too.

I’ve been thinking of our wedding journey lately now that a friend of mine has been recently engaged and he’s been asking me a lot about things to prepare and suddenly I miss those times with E. The preparations and all those late nights DIYing and weekends spent in Divisoria. We were such a great team, E and I. There were difficult times of course but i can now only remember the good times. The laughs we had when we saw our failed attempts for our give aways. I did have a great time and I remember the feeling of being so accomplished after each project done. I remember feeling so proud for E for his perseverance especially on our DIYs. He’s been very consistently good with finishing up each of our project.

5 months have gone by since our wedding and i can barely see traces of now our apartment of what used to be storage of our project materials. Our aparment looks different now. I wonder if it’s the same with us, i mean i wonder if we are different now too? I’ve haven’t really thought about things like this really. Have I changed? I wonder. One thing i’m sure of  E’s not what I thought he is. I’ve learned new things about him both annoying and great. I guess it’s the same with him of me but I’m not really aware of it. He has not mentioned anything to me yet. Well how’s married life as what is being asked of me all the time. Somedays are hard, somedays are great. The hard times are when our differences gets in the way. We are coping to adjust with our different personalities. At first it was hard. There are things that are difficult to let go and change. One thing that i’m very much thankful for is that E is very understanding and he usually is the one who gives way. I think when you become married you will eventually catch on to some of your partner’s personality. Yeah now that  I think of it I realize that I am much patient now. I guess that’s what I got from E. Our fights which I’m not going to deny, yes we figh, have become lesser and lesser as time passed by. But of course we have great moments. Waking up next to him everyday, watching movies together, learning new thing together, going to the gym together, planning our future, traveling, laughing together and so much more. We have plenty of happy moments i realize now as I am making this post. So I guess it’s important to remember the good moments when you are having a bad time in your marriage.

 What’s next now? Well we are planning on having a baby but we wanted to provide our baby a home so next project would be a house before multiplying. We actually purchased one already which we’ll be posting soon. It’s our first big purchase as husband and wife which is a huge step for us. It can’t be avoided that we sometimes feel anxious about this decision but we just find comfort in each other. We keep telling each other that we are team and we are in this together. Both of us are really excited to see our HOUSE that we can call our own. We are excited to really start our own family. Have babies and see them do great things with their lives, support their dreams, read them stories and lots more. I can’t wait to become a mom. I can’t wait to see E become a father. He’ll definitely make a good father. 🙂


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