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My husband and I prefers a simple looking ring and it has to be white gold. He wants our rings to be thin and I just want it to reflect both our personalities. We spent lots of time looking for the one but it always leave us both disappointed. I’ve searched all over the net for reviews on wedding ring vendors and I hear a lot of good ones from Golden Hills. When we were at one time at Robinsons Galleria we saw Golden Hills and thought of maybe checking out their wedding ring displays. Immediately my husband saw what he liked. And I liked it too. Not too big and not too fancy looking. It is something we can still wear when go outdoor and it’s not so scary to be wearing them around Manila’s famous snatchers and holdapers. The original design was each ring was adorned with diamonds. My husband didn’t want to have diamonds on his ring. I wanted our rings to look the same of course so I told him I’d have my diamonds removed too. But he insist on having my ring as is. Since I left  the ring design to him I have no choice but to not fight to him about it. Although with or without the diamonds I’d still love it.

The first time we saw the price tag of our rings we were already going towards the door and forget we ever stepped inside Golden Hills. When we were about to go out the sales lady told us that she’ll give us 25% discount if we reserve the ring that day with any amount for the downpayment. How can you say no to a 25% discount? Even though we will still be spending beyond our budget allocated for the rings we pushed through. We really love the rings and was not about to give it up so in exchange we let go of having a photo booth. We already have the DIY never-to-part giveaways so we felt that it would enough already for our guest’s souvenir. Another good thing about GoldenHills is that we also have a lifetime free cleaning and resize. If should I become pregnant or if should ever become skinny again I can still wear my ring. My parents have bought 3 different kinds of rings already because as they have aged their ring sized has increased. I wanted to wear the same ring forever.

Anyway I so love our rings. It’s just so us. 



Rating: 5+++
Amount Paid: xx,000.00


2 thoughts on “Wedding Rings – GoldenHills

  1. Thank you so much for this. Went to the Wedding Expo at SMX yesterday, September 22, 2013 and we saw a pair of rings that we both liked, and immediately bought it because it has… would you believe——40% off discount. So there, we bought it, then we strolled around the wedding fair only to find out that we missed checking out the other booths selling wedding rings (with waaaayyyyyy less expensive prices).. So I got devastated, we went back to Goldenhills, wanted to be “at ease” that we chose the right ring (and if ever we could have it reimbursed—-my goodness, we are so mean). The saleslady was really nice, and she told us that their edge is that they are in the business for 30 years, and we’ll have a lifetime warrantly (cleaning, resizing, we could even put stones in it in the future if we want to—just in case we got bored with our simple rings!). She pointed out that not all stores offer the same services as they do, and that some stores would even ask for payment for resizing, or replating, etc. *sigh* My would-be-groom was very understanding, since he knows that i’m very “kuripot” and my initial reaction of being frustrated of finding that less-expensive rings (when we already bought the Goldenhills Rings) is oh-so-normal. So there, the saleslady said that we could wait for awhile, and check out the rings again in their Trinoma or Galleria stores, then we can decide if we still want it or not. She said not to worry about it. I wish we never saw the “other” rings. Haha. I know we really got sucha “great deal” with Goldenhills, given that they are somewhat “high-end” for my taste. Thanks for making me feel good with your post, made me at ease somehow!!! 🙂

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