Wedding Church and Reception Band – 7th Dawn

The plan was just to hire a choir for the church and at the reception we can play an mp3 selection of the beatle songs. A band was not our priority. It was not even on our list. I have always convinced myself and E on never giving in to spending on things we don’t need. If we did have extra cash I won’t have second thoughts on hiring a band but we are on a tight budget so this was a last minute and the toughest decision we ever made. To be honest I was sore about it and feeling guilty after we booked a band when we can settle for an mp3. We were charged additional 3,500.00 which is really not that bad if only we were rich. for that amount we can buy a microwave already. 

It was the church attendant who have suggested 7th dawn if should we be needing a band. The band members are also members of their official choir. The thing is I’ve haven’t heard this band played too since I’ve haven’t been home much and they don’t have a website or a video on youtube so we don’t have any way of knowing if they are any good. All I have are words from people i barely know saying that they are indeed good. It is difficult to rely on just words for decision making. We wanted proof. We wanted to hear them ourselves. Not that we don’t trust their judgement but we have different tastes and opinion on everything and what might be super to them is something we don’t like. But with time running out we have no choice but to just get on with it since we don’t a have choice then. With a month left to the wedding we found out that the reception venue had a problem with their sound system so we have to rent out one. 7th dawn offered us a much cheaper amount to rent out their own sound system for 1000 pesos if we book them. Compared to hiring a separate vendor for sound system it’s rather a reasonable price. Their talent fee for the night, 3,500.00 is about what we can afford. We knew of someone who cost 8k-10k for the the reception alone and that’s already on discount because the one who manages them is a relative of mine. So we thought 4,500 was not so bad at all but really I didn’t sleep that night after paying half of the amount.

So we did met one time with their lead Noel and he’s nice and very approachable. We told him that about our beatle inspired wedding and he said he would take care of it. Not all of the beatles songs are for weddings though and the list we gave him was only around 20 songs and turned out it is not be enough for the whole time they will be playing so we agreed on mixing other songs by other artists of our preference. The agreement was they will start playing when all the guests arrive at our venue at 5pm and they finish till the program ends. That’s a lot of song to sing which really surprised and left us doubtful because we only paid for 3,500.00 thinking that they will only playing when our guests are having dinner expecting around 20 songs. There are 7 of them singing and one of them is the pianist and they have to divide that amount for themselves. That really got us more worried because cheaper mostly ends up to be disappointing base on my previous experience and if would turn out to be that then we have just thrown away the money we were going to buy a microwave. And if they turn out to be great as what people are raving about then we were robbing them. We have never heard them once when we got the chance to go home to ormoc because we lack time. The first time I would hear them sing will be on our wedding day and boy was I really surprise. 🙂

So finally on our wedding day it was during my turn to walk down the aisle did for the first time I heard them. It is my cue to start walking when they play our song “HERE, THERE, AND EVERYWHERE”. I was blown away by how beautifully they sang it I wanted to cry but I forgot about it when I almost fell flat on my face stumbling on my dress. After that I knew I didn’t have to worry about them anymore. After the wedding I remember our bestman getting hooked with HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE. He’s never heard the song before but he said that he likes it already and even downloaded it and has kept playing it eversince.

During the reception they played most beatles song as agreed and i was just so happy. E was so happy. Everyone espcially our guests whose generation belonged from where the beatle became first popular was so happy. My mom later on told me that my father was a fan of 7th dawn. He has heard them on several weddings they have attended and was very glad that we got them for our wedding. That made me even more happy. Although we were also critisize by some of our friends for choosing mostly beatles songs because it sounded really old to them. We couldn’t care less. The Beatles is our favorite band of all time. From the start we didn’t let this affect our song choices and we are just glad we stood firm for what we want. Thanks to E for teaching me not to mind what other thinks.

Anyway they also played songs for dancing after the program so it was really great of them. I really don’t dance but that night was an exception. 🙂 7th dawn didn’t disappoint us. They gave us more from what we paid for. I wish I had a video of them singing.

Rating: 5+++
Amount Paid: 7,000.00 (3,500 church + 3,500 reception)
Additinals: 1,000.00 for their sound system



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