Photograher – Jon Tolentino

Hello we’re back. I was not able to finish the review because I kept waiting for our photos from Jon Tolentino. We received our photos 3 weeks ago but couldn’t right away update this site as I’ve been busy with the reading challenge i put myself in to which i’ve been 2 books behind before i could finally return here. I admit that waiting for the photos almost drove me crazy. I was so excited and anxious and my husband just kept telling me to be patient. Our relatives, families and friends keeps asking us too for the rest of the pictures since the ones I have provided then with are from the slide show. Anyway it was worth the wait. As you might have seen on my previous post, the pictures are taken by Jon, those were from the slide show during the reception. I might get back soon to post the rest of his photos well not all of them just the highlights.

My husband and I are very much contented with the output. Jon and his team are people who are fun and easy to work with. I’m the kind of person who always looks awkward in pictures and I rarely have a decent photo. Jon helped me not to feel nervous. I don’t have an idea what to do in front of his camera and he just guides me the whole time and I’m just so thankful that he was so patient with me. And for such a young person he’s just so talented. In fact the rest of his team I think are younger than me. It’s just great to be working with people who have such God given talent.

Rating: 5+++
Amount Paid: 15,000.00

Additional Expenses:

Transportation Allowance: 5,000.00 cebu – ormoc and ormoc – cebu (good for Jon and his 3 other photographers)
Hotel Accomodation: 1,800.00 good for 2 nights for 4 people
Food: 1,000.00 good for 2 days

Jon’s Portfolio:



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