Coordinator – Angel’s Event Unlimited

If you are from a province coordinator is known to be useless and a waste of good money. This has been a challenged for me and my husband because everyone were just so against about us having a coordinator. We have sisters, cousins and friends why not assign task to them instead of having to pay someone whose only job is to let people fall in line, direct them on where to go and be standing with their walkie talkie. I keep hearing this as the wedding gets near and the reaction even worsen when they found out that we were paying for 15,000.00.

People actually thinks that a wedding is just so easy to handle and to prepare. They don’t even know what kind of person I am. I hardly speak to anyone. I am an introvert and they expect me to be ordering around friends and relatives to run things for me. It’s not even easy for me to make small talk much more if I ask anyone for favors. I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking them for updates and ordering them around like i’m a boss. That’s just not me. And if things do not go as planned who will I blame? I’d definitely get upset. So to save us from further head ache we hired a coordinator and yes it did help us. A month before the wedding we had a meeting with the progress of our preparation. If there were anything lacking she’d help us. She provided us with an emcee too because she’s not sure about the one my mother recommended and he was just too pricey.  A week before the wedding we had another meeting along with our emcee. We discussed our program and checked everything from the suppliers, clothes, food.. everything. Angel told me not to worry anymore about contacting of our suppliers and also the forwarding of fullpayment because she’ll do it for us on the day itself. The day before the wedding we delivered everything to our hotel. And then after that I had nothing else to worry about except how nervous I am about walking down the aisle. The wedding came and i just sat and relaxed while Anne did my make up. I was never stressed. Angel and her team handled everything. I barely lifted a finger that day. I felt like a queen and I even have time to bond with my bridesmaids. She’s very organize and well a bit strict too. but i’m glad she’s that way because she sticks to her timeline. She makes sure everything is going as planned no matter how sometimes she be pushing other suppliers to hurry up and to follow their assigned timeline. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I were in her place. And yes there were some supplier she’s work with before and is afraid of her and even have said some bad things. It’s not fair really to be speaking ill of Angel that way because she’s just doing her job. That’s what she is hired for to get things done and if she gets too soft around the suppliers then her team suffers, her client suffers.

Everyone just keeps telling us that the wedding was very organized. Thats what i keep hearing, She executed everything perfectly. Also she recommended a beautiful and perfect emcee. Her name is  Mai-mai Fiel. We just adore and love her.

Angel’s Event Unlimited Rating: 5+++
Amount Paid: 15,000.00

EMCEE Mai-mai Fiel: 5+++
Amount Paid: 3,000.00
Extra: 500.00 additional for hiring her as our church commentator

Contact Number: +09176355603



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