Church – Sts. Peter and Paul Parish of Ormoc

My mom got married in this church. I was baptized in this church. I grew up going to this church. During high school I’d go visit this church before I go home and that’s everyday.  No doubt that this is where exactly I’d wanted to be married. I’ve so many memories in this church. It is the biggest church in our City. The church altar is beautiful if you could just revisit my review on our florist to see the picture. I’d like to give this review a perfect score but I had to admit that we had a few bad experiences with the parish office staff during the processing of our documents which really is a big deal.

The parish office staff was not really very accomodating. Sometimes if you’re lucky you’d catch them in a good mood but most of the time we visited there we were received poorly. I’m not saying all of them but there’s two of them who has the worst attitude. Since we are staying in manila we have to call through phone for them and it usually does not end well. One time last year we were really trying to get an early booking but they won’t allow it because it’s tooooo early despite explaining to them that we can’t be flying from manila to ormoc anytime they wants us to be there. We were so desperate and we were just fortunate enough to know someone who knows everybody from the church and then we’re booked. We called them like 5 times just to reserve us the wedding date and we get no positive response but with one word from this person we were already book with no questions.

If you caught this one staff in a bad mood sometimes she would give you this tone and would treat you like you are the stupidest person just because you ask question. It’s not even we’ve done this before. This is after all our first and only wedding. So it is normal that we have questions.

But a week before the wedding those who were really giving us a hard time have been nice. Which was really helpful because the last thing we need is someone giving us a headache. We were received with nothing but big smiles.

Comes wedding day the church looked so beautiful with a touch of atit of course. Although the church is really old it is very well maintained. The altar has also been renovated and we were lucky that we were able to make use of the new look. As I walked down the aisle I realize how long it was and I kept stepping on the front of my gown and I’d have to stop to fix my dress and because of that I kept getting distracted and I think I don’t have a decent photo while I was walking. When I reached the altar the priest had not come out. We’ve waited for around 10 minutes or even longer than that and we started to worry that maybe the priest got upset maybe because we were late. After a long awkward moment of waiting for some priest to come out he finally arrived and my husband and I were just so happy that we got the priest that we’ve been praying who would celebrate the mass with us. But he was not in a good mood. He is a jolly person when we met him but on our wedding he was scolding me and my husband because we were looking at our copies during the exchange of vows. He tells us in his low but angry voice to look at each other and recite our vows. Knowing that we have not memorize them he told us to repeat after him as he reads our vows.

But after that his mood seems to have changed and he becomes his old self. The jolly priest that we have came to love. We later found out that the reason he was late was because he fell asleep and no one woke him up. That explains why he was such in a bad mood.

Anway aside from the fact that we really do have beautiful church another reason why I love Sts. Peter and Paul is that we can also play our favorite songs. I can only remember “Just the way you are” by boyce avenue being played for the entourage. Then everything was a blur after that. I was just having a hard time breathing even. Then I just heard my name being called by our coordinator and I heard our favorite beatle song “HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE”. I really appreciate that they allowed us to have it played. 🙂 Then during the recessional was even a surprise from our coordinator because they allowed us to play bit of loud song by the beatles “SHE LOVES YOU”. It was the perfect ending of the ceremony. I remember being soooo happpy!

Rating: 4+++
Amount Paid: 4,000.00 with 2 pairs of sponsor included

Additional Expenses:
500.00 for the additional 5 pairs of sponsors






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