Reception Venue – Ormoc Villa Hotel

We never thought of booking Ormoc Villa Hotel. Sabin was our very first choice but then after computations we finally gave up on our dream of ever booking the venue. First is Sabin is a bit far from our churc. That would mean additional expenses for transportation of the entourage and principal sponsors and other guests who don’t have cars. Second is the venue is very big that if you hire a florist it would be very expensive. There are many reasons that’s why we considered Villa Hotel.

What we love about Villa Hotel are the following:

1.  it’s a walking distance from our church so right after the ceremony some of our guests can easily just go there directly by foot.
2. They also provide us unlimited shuttle service that is seperate from the bridal car. It can accomodate 8 people.
3. Free use of projector
5. Free executive overnight stay for the newly wed couples
6. Free food tasting of our selected menu
7. Area is near restaurants and fastfood so we were able to provide budget-friendly lunch to our suppliers and entourage
8. Staff are really accomodating and very helpful.
9. They are not strict on which supplier particularly on the florist you book

The only problem i think i can mention is their sound system. I was actually stressed out knowing about this. It was a good thing when we booked 7th dawn (our wedding band) they provided themselves their own sound system. Problem was solve but when we had our slide show played there was no sound. 7th dawn again saved the day. They played while the slide show plays on.

Over all we were really happy despite our dream of a view overlooking the sunset and beach. We had a beautiful stage because we were able to save some money. Our wedding still turned out to be a beautiful one.

Rating: 4+++
Amount Paid: 60,000.00 for 150pax

Additional Expenses:

Room for the groom during dress up – 1800.00
Sound System from 7th Dawn – 1000.00






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