Cake – Twigs and Flowers

Since we already splurged on the flowers we have to tone it down with the cake. We can no longer afford to go beyond 5k for a wedding cake. We decided not to go fondant and we picked cupcakes because it’s a lot cheaper than a 3 layered cake.

We’ve look almost every bakeshop in ormoc. Mayongs, Ikea, Goldilocks, Tina’s Sweet and then lastly Twigs and Flowers. You will never expect Twigs and Flowers would provide wedding cake since you’ll mostly see balloons, souveniers and poppers on their shop. Anyway we finally decided to go with twigs flower because we tired and is running out of time. Weren’t really happy with their sample pictures but among all the samples we’ve seen their’s are a lot better well except for tina’s sweet which is by the way expensive (cupcake is worth 50.oo each!). But because we were on a tight budget we have to just sacrifice our wedding cake. We started talking to the sales girl and asked her if we could make changes to the design on one of their samples. She was very nice and considered our request. Each cupcake cost 15.00 pesos and round cake is 350.00. We asked if the cupcakes’ icing can be colored same us our motiff. Also for the design if they could have a heart sprinkles it would be great.  And she said she’ll see what she can do. She took note of the color of the hearts, flowers and the icing. We also offered to provide the cake topper since they didn’t really anything that we liked.

We’ve no idea what our cupcake and cake would look like since we changed a lot of the one in the sample we chose. We were just surprised that it turned out very cute despite the amount we’ve paid for it. We actually thought that it would be a disaster. The heart most especially surprised us because it matched our diy bouquet. 🙂 We expected it to tiny hearts sprinkled all over the cupcake’s icing.



Rating: 5+++
Amount Paid: 2759.00
Cupcakes 15.00 x 150 pcs = 2250.00
Round Cake 350.00
Cake Topper @papemelroti 159.00


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