Entourage Outfit – 168 Mall Divisoria

Bride’s Maid and Maid of Honor

Another sales talk led me to decide that my girls are going to be wearing an infinity dress. When I already destributed the dresses to my girls one backed out. I honestly wanted to buy them a new dress because i felt bad for the trouble they went through just to come up with a design. I was just so happy that during the wedding all of them really looked great. πŸ™‚ I’m very proud of them.

Rating: 4+++
Amount Paid: 3000.00 (600.00 each wholesale price)

Additional Expenses:

Head Dress: 250.00 (50.00 each)
Fan: 99.00 (1 dozen)

Groom’s Men and Best Man

We decided on a vest so we don’t have to go to a tailoring shop. Only two of the groom’s men are living in manila and the rest are in Visayas. It would be difficult to get their messurements.

Rating: 5
Amount Paid: 1250.00 (250 each wholesale price)

Additional Expenses:

Neck Tie: 400.00 (80 each wholesale price)






59 thoughts on “Entourage Outfit – 168 Mall Divisoria

  1. Hi?

    question ko lang, yung sa entourage mo na for 3000? ilang gowns un? para sa mga bride’s maid yun diba? I’m planning to get married next year and i really need all the help that i can get,,

    thank you

    • hello hanah,

      bale 5 infinity dresses na yung 3000 pesos ko. 600 pesos each yund dress. Bali inisa ko na rin yung para maid of honor ko. pero sa shoes lang sila nag kaiba para ma distinguish yung maid honor from the brides maid. kinausap ko lang yung mga girls ko na kung pwede silver yung color ng sapatos nila tapos si maid of honor black.

      hope this helps. congrats pala sa inyo.

      • pwede ko ba malaman if sang store sa DV yun? and if you don’t mind, how much yung gown mo?
        thank you ulit..

      • Sa 168 mall hanna 25th avenue yung name nung boutique. Yung gown ko is from tutuban yung nasunog na part. Me mafaming choices don. Medyo mura sa akin kase RTW na 8500. Pero pag nag pagawa ka sadya 12k. Goodluck and enjoy your wedding prep! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you. mejo matagl pa namam yung wedding pero i’ll make sure na pupuntahan ko yung store,, Godbless:D

    • Hello po,

      Di po ako nag bebenta ng bridal gown. pero sa pag hahanap ko sa divisoria meron ako doon nakita na worth 2,500. Not sure if magugustuhan mo yung style. I guess you’ll have to go to divisoria para ma check mo yung mga style and price nila. Pwede ka din makiusap na babaan ang price.

      Good luck and I hope this helps.

    • Hello,

      I got it from 168 mall sa divisoria. πŸ˜€ 25th avenue name ng boutique pero nung nag libot2 pa ako banda food court ng mall me ibang stores pa nag bebenta ng infinity dresses. pero mas madali kase makita yung sa 25th avenue. Hope this helps and goodluck sa pag hahanap. πŸ™‚

  2. HI, Im getting married next year (January). Can you advise when do I need to go to Divi to buy bridesmaids/MOH dresses? Do they have other colors and sizes po? Mejo kelangan kasi ng big sizes πŸ™‚ Thanks in advance

    • hello congrats in advance. Divisoria is very crowded on november – december months. We went there often around summer time. Hot but not that crowded. Infinity dresses are in free size. I have one brides maid na medjo malaki sya nag kasya naman sya. Nag stretch din kase yung fabric.

      Good luck and I hope this helps.

  3. Hi! Just wanted to say I got a lot of inspiration from your blog for my upcoming wedding. I even decide to use infinity dress for my bridesmaids too πŸ™‚ By the way, do you have contact info for the band you used on your wedding day? Thanks so much!

    P.S. Congratulations for the love growing in your tummy! πŸ˜€

    • Hello Angeli,

      Thank you for such kind words. I’m glad to be able to help. Are you from Ormoc also? the band that we hired is from Ormoc. Anyway this is Nene Morallo of Seventh Dawn contact number 09223250683/09273855144. Good luck with your wedding prep and enjoy!


      • Hi M! I’ve read your response way long long time ago but just slammed by work that I was able to write my response just now.. πŸ™‚

        Yes! I am from Ormoc too and even know one of your sponsors (I think they are based on the pics), hehehe..Anyway, my fiancee and I are planning to visit Divisoria because I wanted to do some DIY projects for our wedding too! πŸ˜€

        By the way, do you know a specific store or even which part of Divisoria that sells felt fabric? I am looking for the hard felt type. Also, I am not sure if i read through your blog about the cardstocks you used for the invites, did you buy them in Divisoria as well? Thanks in advance for any info you could share. I could really use your help so we can have an idea where to go first when we get to Divisoria. πŸ™‚

        Have a blessed marriage and enjoy your journey through motherhood!

    • Hello Angeli,

      Glad to hear from someone who is also from Ormoc. πŸ™‚ anyway we bought our felt cloth at Wellmanson store located at Tabora St. There are other stores there that sell felt cloth and a lot cheaper along Tabora St. and also Ilaya St. but we chose to shop in Wellmanson because they are organized, airconditioned, and safe because they have a security guard. At Wellmanson you’ll also find plenty of other materials for DIY projects. If you have trouble finding the store I have a map that I used before I could send it to you through email. Also most store at Tabora and Ilaya are close on Sundays we completely wasted one day when we went there and was not able to buy any materials. Regarding the card stocks we have not had the chance to buy in divisoria because of limited time and it is really far from our area. We bought all our materials for the invitations in national bookstore. We were able to find some cardstocks in 168 mall and even at Tabora St. but at that time we were not thinking yet of having a DIY invitation. Hit me a message if should you have any other question. I’d be glad to help. πŸ™‚ good luck. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you so much Maretzel! I’m keeping notes already πŸ™‚ and yes! the map will surely be a big help – thank you so much for extending help..the wedding will be next year still but I’m still deciding (and budgeting) as well whether to give a shot to go Divisoria or find another supplier in Cebu..you know, the airfare will cost a big chunk of the budget plus we can’t just flew in for a day since I’ve got so many things to look for…hahaha.. So thank you so much!! I really appreciate it.. I’m making a timetable and budget as well if my plans to go Divisoria pushes through..by the way, do you know my email already to send the map to? Let me know πŸ™‚ God bless you and your wonderful heart!

    • Hello Angeli,

      It’s good that you have enough time to prepare for the wedding. Our preparation was a year and a half. I had a lot of time in my hand so I was able to do my DIY projects and was able to save a lot too. You’ll do great I feel that you are a very organized person. πŸ™‚ Regarding the email address I’m not sure if you are using a dummy one on your comments but do email me and I’ll reply you with the map at maretzelaltar@yahoo.com.

      I don’t mind at all helping you. I enjoy knowing being able to help a little.

  4. Hi, i was so inspired by this blog, i guess il be using infinity dresses too for my entourage, im getting married this january 2015. btw, yung headdress, vest and tie dun ndin sa 25th avenue?? Thanks!

    • hello Joanna,

      Thank you! glad to be of help. Yung headdress ibang store yun pero wala name pero nasa 168 mall pa rin namin nabili. I remember sa may exit namin nakita yun. Yung store na yun kase puro mga accessory meron sila. Ang vest wala din name yung store nila pero i remember madami yun don sa 168 mall malapit din sa 25th avenue. Madali lang siya makita kase nakadisplay lang sa labas ng store nila yung mga vest and madami sila pero hanap lang kayo ng pinaka mababa. inubos kase namin tanungin sila hanggang nakakita nung pinaka mura ang bigay sa whole sale. πŸ™‚

      good luck and congratulations! πŸ™‚

    • hello… Nasa 3rd floor yung store near courtesy booth.. if ever naman maubusan sila ng gusto mo kulay madami pa sa me bandang foodcourt kaso di ko na alam yung name ng store.. madami pa iba actually nag bebenta ng infinity dress nung time na nag visit ako kaso don na kami sa 25th avenue kase mas malapit lang sa pinag iwanan namin ng gamit.

  5. hi! very informative…thanks a lot…ask ko lang did your entourage told you how did they come up with the designs. yung infinity dress nabili/nkuha mo na kaagad since its free size? kinda fit for me since time is not on my side…wedding is set on Sept 8…coz im really thinking of having a very simple wedding for family and some close friends ..just read ur post., ur on ur 2nd trimester..congrats!

    • Thank you too.. I’m glad to be of help.. Most of them have followed tutorials in youtube.. Nung nabili namin yung infinity dress agad namn naming nakuha well me slight na pag hihintay kase yung dress na available sa kanila is 3 lang so nag intay kami makakuha sila from other store na kilala lang din nila.. to be honest at first worried ako kase nga kung ako lang ang gagamit ng infinity dress nahirapan ako mag gawa ng design.. buti nalang yung mga friends ko and sister they were really helpful with the design na di na nila ako binother pa kung pano gawin yun. they just did their own research and masaya din naman ako sa naging result ng effort nila.. i hope same din sayo someday.. congrats in advance pala. lapit na. πŸ™‚ i’m wishing you luck talaga sa prep mo and thank you for the greeting me on my being pregnant. let me know if there is more I could help you with.

  6. i’m happy to see the background of your photos.. it’s because i personally know the place.. πŸ™‚ ormoc city.. kaso antagal ko na di nakakauwi..

    • thanks jennifer for dropping by. the last time i visited ormoc it was 2 weeks after yolanda it changed a lot. 😦 it broke my heart seeing the place i call home. i’ve haven’t come back but i hope that by now ormoc has recovered.

  7. Hi! I would just like to ask whether you know how much does the infinity dress cost when it is bought per piece? I’m only planning to buy one. Thank you!

  8. Just to warn brides-to-be who are planning to buy at Divisoria, do whatever you can to avoid the stall Cherrick inside the Bridal gowns section of Tutuban Mall. It’s located on the entrance, so just avoid it when you can.
    The owner’s deceptive scheme is that she will wholeheartedly accept your designs with your downpayment and tell you that her tailors can do your designs for you. On the day of your fitting day (about two weeks delayed than what you first scheduled), you’ll be surprised that she won’t follow the design you gave. And when you ask for alteration, she will give many excuses not to accept any alteration on the designs. She has prepared all the answers for any comment that you’ll give, even though she clearly didn’t follow what you discussed before. You’ll receive rude answers when you give your comments, and so you get your gown with minimal alterations (limited only on the size).

  9. Hi! Im a bride to be too☺ but unfotunately super hassle ung pinagawaan qu ng gowns. Cherick (coracel saclolo) bungad lang po cya ng tutuban bridal gown sa cluster 2 building harap ng robinson department store. Super rude nya, and ung binigay mung designs na pinagusapan nyo ndi nya susundin, at ikaw pa sisindakin nya. Nagbayad aqu ng 50 percent month of dec plang, and umabot na ng february this year lng po ito, humihingi cya ng dagdag samen, i ask her to give us a finish product pra nmn may assurance kami na kahit isa matingnan mn lng namin na may gawa na. And unfortunately wla cyang maibigay dahil daw ang usapan daw namin kesyo dapat tapos na by the 2nd week of april, rinurush na daw namin. As in, magaling cya magbaliktad. So be ware ladies! Sanay na cya magcinungaling at ibabaliktad pa nya ung costumer nya na prang kasalanan pa ng costumer nya. Super hassle itong ginawa na saken, lalo npo kanina pinahiya nya pa aqo infront of other people. Tlgang sumisigaw cia. Ofcourse cinagawan qu din cya. Hay, kaya sa mga magbabalak, iwasan nyo na po itong babaeng tu.

    • Hello kimitot,

      sorry to hear about what happened to you. I also had a bad experience kaya nga if I could turn back time i would have prefered na mag hanap nalang ng tatahi na malapit sa amin kaso lang nga wala kami budget nun and i really didn’t have the support para mag tsaga sa pag hanap. Buti nalang naayos naman din yung gown ko with the help naman sa relative ng asawa ko. Kaya nga ang baba ng review ko sa gown ko kase it was the least na maganda na bagay sa wedding ko. Di talaga recommended na basta2 mag tiwala sa divisoria na mga wedding gown shop and there are so many stories I’ve read pa but then nag push pa rin ako to go there kase nga wala ako malapitan and I was so desperate then na. Had i known nag tyaga pa talaga sana ako sa pag research. pero yun tapos na eh i am just hoping that makatulong sa ibang bride to be na ma warn sila and i thank you for sharing too.

    • Hi Kimitot,

      Hindi kami gano nag research before, kaya eto ang nakuha namin is yang Coracel na yan. Medyo worried na ko dahil sa mga comments niyo Feb pa naman yung fisrt fitting namin.

      • hello kikimot,

        the last thing that i wanted for you is to be stressed. me mga nababasa din naman akong good reviews about mga divisoria na patahian and unfortunately madami din talagang panget. malas ako kase i was so impulsive when i bought my gown. I bought it right away without even researching about the store and when i researched about eugene galvan i saw 1 review sa girltalk na forum. buti nalang nagawan pa ng paraan yung gown ko. anyway goodluck and balitaan mo kami. πŸ™‚

  10. Hi ms. ching,..
    I am a bride-to-be in a super tight budget..(hehehe…) I planned my entourage attire the same as yours..that why im super happy to discover your blog,..
    ask ko lang sana where in divi/ 168 mo nabili ung groomsmen vest mo? w/ tie? thanks πŸ™‚
    I hope you can help me πŸ™‚

    • hello miss abby! πŸ™‚ glad to be of help. Anyway it was on the same floor of 25th avenue. as for the name of the shop there was no name of it but i’m sure you can’t miss it once you get on 3rd floor. they had several shop there that sells vests and ties you just had to find the one that would give you a good bargain. Good luck and congrats in advance.

  11. Hello Po, ask ko lang san nyo po nabili yung infinity gown, san po sa 168 at ano po name ng store ;ang ganda at sobrang afford. ikakasal na kasi kami this year. wait ko po reply nyo, thank you and God bless.

  12. Thank you po, taga bulacan ako yung mrs. eugene po ba taga pandi? I hope ganun pdin price nya at meron po nung color na gusto ko. Hirap kasi humanap ng blue green na kulay.😊😊😊😊

  13. hi po πŸ™‚ do you have the contact number of 25th avenue? would love to have infinity dresses for my bridesmaids too πŸ™‚ thanks so much

    • sorry shei. wala eh. 😦 me nag comment dito sabi nacontact nya daw kaso mahal na ngayon yung dress. 1k na daw. 😦 I bought then 4 yrs ago lang laki naman ng inadd nila.

    • Mahal naman! Pwede mo din e try sa ibang store Cristina kase me nakita ako sa pinakataas na floor ba yun banda me foodcourt madami din don nag bebenta ng infinity dress. Kaso di ko na matandaan yung store kase nakabili na ako nun. I saw 3 stores don nag bebenta ng infinity dress.

  14. Hi. Just wanna say thank you for giving me an idea bout what to wear for my bridesmaid.. im bride to be on january 2016.. omg.. until now i dont have a wedding gown or any details for our wedding by january.. please help or give me an advice what to do first.. thank you in advance..

    • hello marge,

      First of all congrats! wow i am flattered that you think of me fit to be giving you advice. I would suggest that you first do a checklist. Thats what i did first. Then I set a budget. I booked the church and reception venue. We also did scheduling so for example we will do this week go to divisoria to window shop. Things like that. I suggest if you have plans to go to divisoria do it before the ber months because it could get very crowded. They have several RTW wedding gowns there in fact an0ther friend of mine was able to buy a gown there for a price of 4k and it looked so beautiful on her. Relax there marge. if there is more I could just message me. I’d be happy to help.

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